Should I take this offer?

  1. Okay, as I posted as a reply to one of threads, I am waiting for another vibrato bag-Kelly! My SA just let me know that there is exactly the same Kelly I ordered available right now, and she saved on the back for me in case I want it right now. My ordered one is coming, too! My SA said if I want it, it would be better for me to take it now since it would be more expensive in the future when it arrives. It is expensive as it is now. Vibrato Kelly 32cm ~$7300 (that was the price from top of her head when I was talkting to her over the phone. She told me it might be a couple of hundread dollars more expensive now since ~$7300 is from a few month ago price.)

    Maybe some of you might remember...I had a big drama about having two vibrato Birkins and feeling guilty about buying too many bags in short period time. My husband might not think that I really want to get it now. If I take it, I cannot make any complains/nose what so ever about that bag since I made him upset enough by making enough nose about thinking about selling one of the vibrato Birkins.

    I have two thoughts:
    1)If I take it, it would be cheaper to take it right now for exactly the same Kelly.-So, take it:yucky:.

    2)I know it would be more expensive in the future. But I should wait to recover spending too much money first.:oh: :hrmm:

    It is 50:50 in my mind. What should I do guys?:sad: My husband just shakes his head, and believes that I need Hermes addiction-rehab...:Push:
  2. if you can buy it now as you are buying it anyways it is good to save a teeny weeny bit isn´t it. ;)
  3. Well, I go through the same things almost constantly beause I LOVE Hermes so much....I buy something and then another "something" comes along that I have a hard time resisting.'ve already ordered the exact same bag they just got in, right? Well...I'd save some $$$ and get it now and NOT get another bag until you recoup your finances.

    I am in a similar's out there that I want a Gold or Cognac Ostrich Kelly. I KNOW that it'll show up when I'm least prepared to pay for it. I KNOW's my Karma. But if it should, I'll figure out a way to buy it because I know it'll only be more expensive the longer I wait. I also like to save a little cash when and where I can!

    So, I'd get the Kelly now and maybe think about selling something you don't use that much?????
  4. if you can afford it, go for it!
  5. Oh, lilach...Your one sentence is about to change my mind big time.:graucho:
  6. :lol:
  7. :lol: I totally agree.
  8. Oh, my...on the top of lilach, shopmom, diana & Japster as well?!!! Oh my God! My DH might send me to Hermes-rehab center:yucky: !
  9. whispers: vibrato kelly is waiting vibrato kelly is waiting vibrato kelly is waiting vibrato kelly is waiting vibrato kelly is waiting vibrato kelly is waiting vibrato kelly is waiting vibrato kelly is waiting vibrato kelly is waiting

    i am not much help am i ?:angel:
  10. Do It Do It Do It!
  11. You are a bad influence:lol: (you know I'm just kidding:biggrin: )!
  12. I would! Why wait when you can get it now and save some bucks!!:yes:
  13. Another vote for buying now!
  14. Definately get it now. Tell your hubby that it's cheaper to get it now rather than later when it will cost more.
  15. Another vote for get it now, tell hubby it's going to be cheaper now. I feel like an enabler.