should i take the plunge???

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  1. my main problem is that i was wondering if i should go for it and buy the Mc Speedy in white when i went to the store last week i fell in love with the purse while the sa was pulling out a buncha other bags i wass hooked on that bag:graucho: the problem of course is the price 2000$$$$ bucks! i could get another cheaper lv or i could do sooooo much more with that money and the other side of me is saying that bag stole my heart and i want to buy it as weird as that sounds, i mean you live once right celebs are not the only ppl that can have all the fun yes so i am lost please give me some words of wisedom to go by what would you do also the way i would earn the money is by getting my own job and saving up,
    all thoughts are welcome and very much appreciated:heart::heart::heart:
    thanks so much:heart:
  2. What else would you do with the money besides buy the MC speedy? :smile:
  3. If you totally love it and really want it, then you should get it. Don't settle on something that is just okay to you. It is a beauty though!
  4. get it on Ebay for cheaper! i got my mc speedy brand new on ebay for 1400!
  5. Get it if you love and can afford it.
  6. I remember getting my MC Speedy, I was living in Seattle at the time and it was hard to find it because they had just released it. My husband called the LV store in Vancouver, BC (Canada) and had them hold it for us, drove up there on the weekend and bought it. I was so happy I was jumping up in down in the store. After that purse I was hooked on LV and still am to this day. If you really want it and you have the money then get it. You are intitled to spoil yourself once in a while. ;) Good luck.
  7. If you really love it and want it that badly, then get it as long as you can afford it :yes:
  8. If you buy something as a replacement for the thing you really love, you will end up buying your true love and the other one will be money wasted! So what im saying is BUY THE MC SPEEDY! Like someone else, you could get a like-new one on ebay for alot less than retail!
  9. Get the bag!!! Trust me...I've been trying to buy other bags and all it has led to is STILL wanting to get the black mc speedy lol! If you are like me you won't be satisfied until you get the bag.

    I'll be getting my black mc speedy when I go to Vegas this Sunday:yahoo:I couldn't be more happy!
  10. get the bag thta u LOVED.:love:..
  11. yeah, do it, do it, do it!!!!:tup:

    but yea, consider on ebay....or even on elux....specially on elux, with the tax you saved, you can get your MC bandau or mono pochette too!!! :idea::heart::yes:

    it's a very lovely bag....i hardly ever use mine anymore ---- but when i use it, i get compliments on it almost's a happy bag!!
  12. Its not a Limited Edition Piece, so wait maybe a month... just to see if you still really want that purse. If over a month you still want it, put it on your wish list and save up for it. If you still want it after you saved all your money, head over to LV and get your prize!

    Besides, if you don't like it later on, you can always sell it. Don't think twice about feeling like you've wasted money.
  13. If you totally love the bag, then sure go for it. But do your homework first and make sure you really will use it. Are you comfortable with the size, the shape, and the weight of the bag? I've heard a lot of people sell them simply because they are too darn heavy. You could do a tPF search for "MC Speedy" and see what issues other people have had with the bag.
  14. I think you should get what you want and not settle...
  15. I agree about getting it on eBay for a discount. But, only if it's the ONE you really want. It may take a few months to find the right one, but you can save in the meantime. That would be my bag.......if I was a little younger. :yes: