Should I take the plunge into my first Fendi? Peekabo advice please :)

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  1. I recently played with a Fendi Peekaboo in a second-hand shop and fell in love... I passed on the bag because I was travelling and couldn't guarantee it was authentic, although it felt amazingly soft (some of the nicest leather I have ever felt) and and well made.

    I am now thinking of taking the plunge into my first Fendi bag. I've never spent so much on a bag, however, so need to save up and do a lot of research first (I'm normally in the Mulberry forum, and also have a PS1 (bought in the sale) and a Balenciage (bought pre-loved).

    If any of you ladies could help advise me, I'd be very grateful :smile:

    My questions are:

    - should I consider the MINI or REGULAR size? Size-wise, my Mulberry Alexa and Balenciaga city are about the perfect size for me (medium sized bags I'd say, which I can carry day or night). I think the one I saw was a mini but am not sure.

    - is the new Selleria leather worth the price difference?

    - what colours would you say are the most classic? I'd need this bag to last for many years and go with lots of outfits (although I tend to dress casual). I'm leaning towards a black (I only have 1 black bag) or a neutral / brown

    - where can I search for pre-loved Peekaboos? (I am in Europe)

    Many thanks!
  2. I have the grey fendi peekaboo selleria and I'm completely in love with it. My husband surprised me with the big splurge. I looked at both regular peekaboo and selleria and quality is superb. I like the non selleria ones too but once you touch the leather you'll know what I'm talking about. I'm liking the new blue they just came out in selleria but if I bought a second I'd go the custom route. I say go for the regular since that would be equivalent. Although the mini's are cute. I'd go to a store if you can and try some on.