Should I take the plunge and buy a Graffiti Speedy?

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  1. Every year I debate over the new "limited" speedy. I passed on the Patchwork Denim as well the Mirage Speedy. Funds are limited this year but I am drooling over all the pics of the Pink Graffiti Speedy. If I purchase this bag I will be paying it off over time and it will be the only bag I buy this year. It's a big purchase but I figure over the course of the year I will spend at least that on several bags. Help me ladies is it a great purchase or a trendy one that next year I will live to regret.
  2. IMO, the Speedy itself is a classic piece. Since the grafitti is available in the neon colors, get one that will coordinate well w/ your outfit for Spring and Summer since the neon colors are very summery therefore you can use it year after year. Good luck w/ your decision.
  3. its really hard to say since we don't know what the speedy will be for fall. if you are really in love with graffiti, then go for it! but don't get into deep debt over it as well.
  4. ive never liked the graffiti line before, i dont know maybe its just not for me (colors, etc).. but this time i am waiting for it, the colors are just fantastic!!i couldn't wait to get my hands on one.

    i say go for it! :smile:
  5. I say if you can get it, go for it!
    it'll be work it in the long run IMO