should i take the first step

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  1. and get violet step that my lovely SA is holding for me?? :hrmm: i own like 10 cities and want something different but at the same time cannot part with the city or work style even though i should opt for some variety at this point...i'm torn between the city with GSH:push:
  2. Have you tried it on and looked at it in person? I've been seriously considering the Step, but have told myself I have to go try it in person. There have been a couple of threads here with people talking about it, and they're somewhat mixed -- lots of people love it, especially since it's a good shoulder-carried bag, but some people find the structured bottom awkward. If you've tried it and you love it, I say go for it! Variety is the spice of life.
  3. no i haven't tried it on in person and i probably won't have the time =/ so i guess i'll have it mailed to me first and decide that way
  4. If you can return it easily, I say try it out!
  5. You do need something different in your collection! If you love the City, you won't be disappointed with the elegant Step!
  6. ^ I agree! I think it's the perfect cross between a purse and a city. Love it!