Should I take one of the babies with me....

  1. I'm going on a trip to the island of Samoa and I hear that it's extremely hot and humid. I would never take my beloved Vert'd eau or Caramel City but thinking about taking my 04' Khaki first since it's smaller and easier to carry.
    No hiking or trekking just enjoying an island in the South Pacific. Should I bring her? :smile:
  2. its really REALLY HOT in Samoa... do you want to take a leather bag with you at all? why dont you take a nice canvas bag instead of your precious Bbags?
  3. ^ How humid is it there right now? I live in Miami and its summer time so I know tropical humidity! If I waited until the humidity to leave before wearing my bbags the only time I'd get to wear them is in the Florida "winter" (aka northern

    I would take a darker colored bbag. That way you won't darken the handles with your hands or from touching your skin (humidity = warm skin).
  4. agree with ali, if you must take a leather bag, take a darker color so it hides any stain better...or sweats.....or a patent leather the patent leather bag would be great:smile:
  5. If it's that hot and humid I'd prefer canvas..
    I don't like the touch of leather on my sweaty body!??
  6. hmmm... well, its actually "winter" over there now I think... if there ever is one... but I have a thing about using leather bags (esp Bbag leather!) in that kinda humidity and being exposed to the sun all day long... what if the leather melts?.. :confused1:... or fades?:tdown:... dont wana sound snubbish or anything but theres only gona be like 0.01% of the population thats gona appreciate luxury bags... you'll know when you get there hun... I say take a nice canvas bag with you... just my 2cents! ;)

    have a good trip!

  7. sure! khaki first sounds's really hot and humid here in bangkok and my bbags are doing just fine :smile: have a great time!!
  8. That's a good point about the handles. I was thinking about how the leather would hold up but the thought of sweaty hands and darkened handles is just yuk! I knew you guys would come up with points and that's why I start and end my day with the fabulous tpf'ers!
  9. Hot and humid weather calls for a light colored bags. I think leather is okay. I'm sure this trip will really make your bbag broken in.

    I've noticed that everytime I go on a business trip to a hot and humid place, and then come back, my leather bags are always more borken in.
  10. :smile:
    Since the First is small and lightweight, why don't you pack it along with a alternative, maybe canvas, as suggested. I don't know about you guys, but I hate feeling like I should have brought something but I didn't. You may get there and feel stressed for not bringing it, but if you bring it, you may choose not to use it, and that's just fine. My hubbie hates my motto, but I would rather overpack than stress out missing something I left at home! BTW, have a fabulous trip!
  11. I just went to florida on vacation and brought my emerald first. I did not pack in suitcase but put inside my carryone in its duster. I only used it when we went to mall or restaurant. Mostly everything is airconditioned there. I just wanted to have one nice bag with me. It made it back home safe and sound.
  12. I wouldn't risk it :nogood: