should i take my speedy out of the box?

  1. y'all know i got my new azur speedy last week. since i got it it's been folded in the box in my closet. should i actually have it unfolded and stuffed to take out the wrinkles? i don't want it to get bad and stay that way but i don't know when i'm going to use it. it hasn't been the greatest weather here and i was sort of waiting to use it in the spring.

    anyone else waiting to use theirs and if so- how are you keeping it in the meantime?

    also- is it going to start to patina even in the box with the plastic on the handles or if i wait a month to use it wil it still be pure white?
  2. It should still be white if you don't expose it to sunlight. :yes:
    I got my Azur for Christmas but didn't use her until the end of January... she was waiting in the closet, stuffed. Personally, I hate the look of a folded Speedy... they always look so sad, lol. :shame:
  3. i dont like the creases on the folded speedy either....i keep mine stuffed
  4. I would unwrap it and stuff it in order to eliminate the creases!

    Keep it in a dustbag and that should eliminate the patina process.
  5. Unwrap her, stuff her with a soft bed sheet and put her back in her sleeping bag until you're ready to use her. This why by that time the creases will be gone. Congrat's on your new bag.
  6. I just got it yesterday and I stuffed it right away, but I would use it when the weather get better.
  7. I would take her out of the box and stuff her. Leave the plastic on the handles for now though, and keep her in her dust bag. She should still look brandy new when you take her out!!
  8. to avoid patina i'd wrap a plastic cover around the vachetta, especially the handles :smile: oh and congrats!!
  9. thanks guys. i'll take her out and stuff her tonight!
  10. I would take it out and stuff it although the SA always told me that they are meant to be folded that way and they wont get ruined if we keep it that way.
  11. Its true the SAs do say that and my SA was telling me the other day that it was ok to keep them folded and I was like yeahhh it probably is but its my conscience i just CANT do it, it scares me and she secretly confessed to me that she also stuffs hers:supacool: lol
  12. why would you buy a bag and keep it in the box? use it!
  13. ^^ Yeah use it!! Congrats by the way!!!
  14. I think they are meant to be folded for transport, not for long-term storage.

    I heard somewhere here that someone bought a mint Keepall that had been kept folded for years and when they unfolded it, there were cracks where the folds were :wtf:

    I immediately took my Keepall, unfolded it and stuffed it for storage. :sweatdrop:

    I NEVER leave my LVs folded - they are always stuffed to maintain their shape. :yes:
  15. ITA, I do the same :yes: