Should I take my Speedy on a trip?

  1. Hey all!

    I'm leaving for a few days to go to Plymouth (thrilling I KNOW) and as its a seaside town we would probably go to the beach and stuff.. I wasn't sure whether or not to take my LV speedy. I kinda feel like I should leave it at home and take my fendi baguette (but its b+w so it's kinda too formal)

    I feel like I should be taking it out no matter where or when but feel I may aswell leave it at home!

    What do you think? Plus.. what would you do? TIA :heart:
  2. Hmmm...for the beach I'm likely to take something really cheap. I'd take my Coach swingpack or wristlet and a canvas tote. I have taken my Speedy on vacay but I'm less likely to do so if I'll be in an environment where my bag can get damaged.
  3. I would definately bring your speedy. I bring my LV bags everywhere ... I always take good care of them and try to be as careful as possible, but I why else would you spent all those money on bags if your not using them.

    Go for it and enjoy your trip - sound like great fun :yahoo::woohoo::yahoo:
  4. I'd take my LVs anywhere but the beach. JMHO. Whatever you choose, have a great time!
  5. For the past year, everytime I go out or go on vacation, my mono speedy 30 has come with me.

    You name it, its officially been on every continent at least one as of today.
  6. Rockst@r-thats what i was thinking.. but then I felt like i'd regret leaving it at home! yaknow?

    Sofiekdk- You make a good point! :biggrin:

    Pursegrrl- I suppose it makes sense what with the sand and sea water :S

    Sophia- Well thats a well travelled speedy! :biggrin:
  7. I agree with the above. So far my speedy is the only bag I own that is actually quite functional when I go on a trip. Take it! (Have a great time btw)
  8. Hmm okay! I am swaying towards taking it! I appreciate all the kind messsages! :biggrin:
  9. Oh I would! I take my LV's or Chanel's everywhere. Would I actually take it ON the beach? NO I wouldn't take any purse on the beach, just my stuff in a beach bag. But for dinners, going out for fun, etc. For sure take it!
  10. Yes take it! Now I wouldn't take it actually ON the beach as in - IN the sand. But for going out while at the beach, you absolutely should take it and enjoy it.
  11. I take my speedy everywhere!
  12. take your speedy with you. this bag is a perfect everyday bag and great for travel as it looks great with everything.
  13. I take my speedy everywhere! Just took it across country to PA!
  14. I take my bags anywhere I go. I don't own anything other then LV. I think a speedy would be a great choice. I wouldn't take a LE piece...
  15. ^^^^^^
    you took the words right out of my mouth !!!