Should I take my Monogram Speedy 30 out in the rain?

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  1. As you may know, we've been having some crazy weather here in Vancouver, with rain storms, snow storms, and wind storms. :cursing: Basically we've been having heavy rain everyday, and I'm getting really sick of carrying my dooney and bourke barrel bag everday as its my only bag thats waterproof. Everyone is telling me that I should carry my Monogram Speedy 30 out in the rain. Should I? The handles are untreated and I don't want to treat it with anything. Besides possible water marks, would the rain damage the vachetta if it gets soaked?
  2. I use mine in all weather. For the first year of having it I was really careful about water - but now that it's developed a nice, even patina water seems not to have any effect on the leather.
  3. light rain yes take it out but, crazy rain with crazy wind no way...BC has a current wind warning so best to leave your bag at home so it does not blow out of your hand...over 100km/hr...poor Stanley park all those gorgeous trees my godness...yikkesss...if the wind could take out huge redwoods just imagine what it could do to your handbag...and if a huge tree can be blown over a light weight handbag could go flying easily....not worth it...wait till the weather goes back to normal....
  4. if I was in Vancouver, I would not take anything with vachetta outside in that kind of weather!

    But that's just me... I'm very picky & anal when it comes to my bags, & I would never risk getting damages, stains & stuff on them after all the money I spent.
  5. Yes, if you're concerned I'd wait till it's back to normal winter drizzle and test it outside that way rather than in a downpour.
  6. I also live in Van. and I recently purchased the Speedy 30. I've taken it out several times so far and I've had no problems. Surprisingly, I don't have any water marks either.
  7. LOL, I didn't know Stanley Park made the news all the way over in the States.

    BTW, theres supposed to be another wind storm tonight...winds up to 80km/hr....not as bad as last time, but last time we were out of power for over 24 hours! :cursing:
  8. Thats the thing, I only just bought her in July, so I still baby her. Haven't had it in me to take her out in the rain.
  9. Then I wouldn't suggest taking it out in the rain if you're afraid to.
    I wouldn't be but it's your bag so if you can't bring yourself to, then don't push it.
  10. i'm in vancouver also...i don't dare bring my mono bags out in this rain. they're all very new and haven't developed patina yet. i'm just paranoid that way. but i have my damier speedy for this kind of weather.
  11. I got my Mono Speedy 25 in October, I still sort of baby it, as I like how new it still looks. And with the really bad down pour, I don't think I would. But others on this board treat their leather. I haven't decided to do this just yet.
  12. If your Speedy is fairly new, then I would recommend waiting to take it out in bad weather. I use to carry a plastic shopping bag inside my bag for occasions when it suddenly started to rain since I was so paranoid about getting the handles wet. I've had my Speedy for 2 or 3 yrs, so now it has a beautiful patina and when I've accidently splashed water on the handle, the water drys and doesn't leave any marks! (So glad and relieved!) If you carry the plastic shopping bag folded up in your purse, at least you'll have it to protect your bag if it starts raining suddenly!
  13. This is what I do also lol. I find it funny the looks I get when I take out the plastic bag. But I want to enjoy the newness for awhile. :yes:
  14. Guess the decision is NOT to take Speedy out. Back to Dooney. *Sigh*
  15. I dont think its a problem, they're suppose to hold against rain!