Should I take my LV on Field Trips???

  1. Okay............My class is going to Pennslyvania (Pittsburg) in April. The ride from our town is about 3 hours there and back. I need a bag (not a backpack) to hold my stuff (stuff to do on the bus-ipod, cell phone, psp...etc.) IF I get my speedy, should I take my Speedy with me?? Or should I use my Juicy Knapsack or something else??
  2. for field trip, i'd go w/backpack, so i can lay it on the floor of bus w/o too much worry, also i can be hands free for the trip; it might be too heavy to carry speedy if you are going to walk all over the place? Have fun!
  3. I should remind you that i am 12 :yes:
  4. ^yeah I agree, take some kind of backpack.
  5. I think you'd be most comfortable and able to have fun on the trip if you aren't worried about protecting your bag. Something you can put on your shoulder would be better, too. Have fun on the trip! I miss field trips.
  6. I agree with the other ladies: a backpack. Handhelds are not good for travel since they get heavy after long periods of time.

    A messenger would also be good.
  7. I hate backpacks, but I'd at least go with something that could be carried on your shoulder so you can have both hands free!
  8. I know you dont really want to take a backpack, but I agree with everyone else because your hands free. And let me say, wow, I cant believe your only 12, your so lucky that your parents are willing and have the money to buy you LV. And BTW, I would'nt have guessed that you were only 12 by your post, you sounded older:smile:. Have fun on your trip. Let us know what you ended up bringing. Thanks.
  9. ^^^ I save my money............. thanks !!
  10. I wouldn't take the speedy, but a messenger style or shoulder bag :yes:
  11. Backpack, you will want your hands free. I would think that you are so careful with your bags but your friends and classmates may not be and it could get damaged.
    Have fun on your trip.
  12. I would suggest taking your backpack, or a messenger style bag. Something bad can happen to your speedy and you don't want that.
  13. IA with the other ppl. A messenger or backpack would definitely be more suitable. You don't want to worry about your LV on a field trip.
  14. I agree - she is very mature sounding for her age. I have been very impressed with many of of her posts.
  15. I was just went on a field trip to Great Falls Park about 3 days ago (We seem to live in the same area so I'm sure you know where that is!) for my science class and I brought a Louis Vuitton bag. Ummm... BIG MISTAKE LOL. The ground was disgustingly wet and muddy from the melting snow, and my shoes were so wet that the muddy water went right through them to my socks! Luckily I left my bag on the bus in my seat, plus it was a damier so if anything got on it it really wouldn't be noticeable. Also, there aren't many people in my science class so we each got our own seats! If we hadn't, I would've had to put my bag on my lap and it would've been ruined!!!!!!! I know you aren't going hiking on your trip, but just to be safe bring something that you wouldn't care if it got ruined. Someone might accidentally spill a drink, it could get stepped on, or it could even get lost or stolen!