Should I take my Doggy to the Vet?

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  1. My dog is a dachshund 1.5 years old. In the past month she has vomited around 5 times. When she does it's a yellowish liquid and maybe some hair she swallowed. She never throws up food. She eats, drinks, poops, sleeps, plays normally. Do you think I should take her to the vet? My BF thinks she's fine and says it's prob because she picked stuff off the floor.

    A couple of months she had colitis and the vet took xrays to make sure she didn't have anything stuck in her system. If she had something serious like cancer (omg please no) they would have caught it then right?

    So is it me? I'm the type to take her to the doc for anything but it's pretty expensive.

    Please help!
  2. I would call the vets office and see what they recommend. If they recommend bringing the dog in, I would do it. I would rather be on the safe side than let something go unchecked and get worse. Especially since your dog was sick previously, I would want to make sure that this wasn't related.
  3. Well, generally my dogs either puke if they've been eating something they weren't supposed to, or if they've been laying under the covers all night and get really hot.

    So I would try to make sure that everything is up off of your floor and there is nothing she can get at, also watch her to make sure she's not eating carpet or something like that.

    I'm not sure what colitis is, or how it affects your dog, but if it makes her puke, you may want to go to the vet to make sure she is still okay.
  4. take your doggy to the vet
    our dog was fine too, the did vommit a few times or refused to eat
    now we found out his kidneys aren't working anymore (well, 10% does work..) and he might not be here tommorrow
    you should better be safe, even if it is a lot of money..
    your dog is worth it right? do you know if your doggy's parents/etc have any illness? some deceizes (sp?) can be in the family

    edit: yellow liquid, isn't that gastric acid or gall? not sure
  5. When he vomits has it been a while since his last meal? I have heard about a dog doing that recently. His owner split his meals into smaller portions and fed him every few hours. That did the trick. You might want to try that and if it doesn't work then go to the vet.
  6. SuzanneVuitton - I am SOOO sorry to hear about your dog. best wishes to you and my friend.:crybaby:.

    I don't mean to say I don't want to take her to the doc b/c it's expensive. What I mean is I am some what of a worryworth. Last time she was sick I took her to the vet twice in a day. My bf thinks she's fine since she eats, drinks and his playful. I am just asking to see if you guys think I am nuts too.

    She doesn't vomit after food. Its very random. I did think of one thing though. I caught her twice this week eating her poop. Maybe something w/ that?

    I am going to call the vet tomorrow to ask. Thanks
  7. Eek! I'd vomit, too! Has she always done this? Please mention this when you talk to the vet.
    I would take her to the vet. Something is causing her to vomit. I am a worrier too when it comes to my cat, any little thing abnormal and I freak out. Maybe your dog is having little hairballs? Does she clean herself a lot, like a cat? The yellow liquid is probably bile. Has she been under any stress or changes? That could do it, too. Maybe she is eating something off the floor and maybe it could be stuck somewhere in her stomach? Have the vet take another xray to check for that. I am not sure what collitis is, but could there be any relation? Either way, it's better to be safe than sorry. She is probably fine. Good luck!
    btw, Do you have pet insurance? It helps a lot. You pay first, send in a claim form, and within a few weeks, they reimburse you most of the cost. It's worth it. There are different plans with different montly prices(or you can pay yearly), it's like $24/month for my cat.
  8. I agree with this 100%! If you feel you need to ask our advice, you should also include your Vet's advice. Give him a call and see what he says, then go from there. It would be awful to let something minor go unchecked untill it turns into something major. Good luck and hope your pooch is alright!
  9. I'd just call the vet to be sure. I'm always paranoid so I know I do. My brother's dog has stomach issues a lot. Of course she always eats all kind of crap like plastic, paper, string, leaves, screws, CDs, remote controls, basically anything she can eat she will. She usually has to eat a special food for a while to calm her stomach down. But you do have to watch it. If they eat string or other certain things I think it can actually kill them. His dog actually pooped a "rope" made of hair and stuff.
  10. It could be something as simple as dietary intolerance to her food, stress, etc. A vet visit would set your mind at ease. Truly, she's a little young to worry about cancer. I'm sure the vet would statr conservatively with a change to a sensitive stomach diet (there are lots of veterinary ones.) Good Luck!
  11. i'm sorry for the misunderstanding!
    have you contacted your vet? How is your doggy doing now?
  12. I'd take her just as a precaution...hope it's nothing too serious!
  13. First of all, all dogs eat poop. :yucky: Its gross, but they are animals, what can I say. Its best to try to stop them from doing this if you catch them in the act because older crap can have parasites that are not good for the dog to digest. Female canines in the wild will eat their pups poop so that predators can not locate where they are as easily. Its also why some animals will crap in water but thats a different story.
    Whenever in doubt, always take your doggie to the vet. At least you will have peace of mind if nothing else. And look into insurance like PKitty suggested. Your doggie is young enough and it is worth every penny.:tup:
  14. About the poop eating....there is a powder you can put on your dog's food that can deter them from eating poop. I guess it makes it taste bad??? :p
    You can buy it at any pet store.
  15. What on earth can they put in food that can make dog poop taste worse that it does? (not that I'd know what dog poo normally tastes like........honest).

    Anyhoo, on topic, seriously, if you are concerned about your dog's health, then please ring your Vet. My kitties sometimes toss up some clear yellowy liquid, but my Vet assures me it's ok.