Should I take my birkin on the plane or not??

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    I haven't fly on the plane for over a decade. I was wondering if it's safe for my birkin to accompany me on the flight or not. I assume that they would search through my personal belongings thoroughly (luggage & carry on) for security reasons, but not sure. DH advice me not to pack her up in the suitcase, so the only option would be carry on. If anyone wouldn't mind to share their opinions, advice or experiences, it would be greatly appreciated. TIA
  2. I've taken mine many times but always as a carry-on. I wouldn't trust it packed in luggage - ever. For such precious cargo, I always want it right in my sight. Good luck.
  3. ^^ Cymmitten, thanks for your quick response. Just curious if they search carry-ons as well or not.
  4. When I went to London last week I did not take it. I would have been to nervous.

    You have to put it through security and either on the floor under the seat or in the overhead comparment.

    Just my two cents.

    On December 24th 2008, I flew on American Airlines traveling to visit my family for the holiday. My luggage was LOST and to make a long story short; was NEVER retrieved. I lost over 10,000 dollars worth of clothing, shoes, bags, etc. Luckily at this time I did not have my birkin yet but if I did and I had packed it in my suitcase...I probably would have set the entire airport ablaze! LOL.

    American Airlines has a reimburse policy of 3,000 dollars on Domestic flights so obviously this did not cover what was in my luggage.

    Yes the airline will search your carry-on. And you should be thankful because if they didn't anyone could bring anything onto a plane and potentially high-jack it.

    Again, yes they will search it and YES you need to board that plane with it.
  6. I would say, bring it on board - don't check it in. I bring omine onboard and I usually keep the bag in sperate bag while passing through security and sometimes also on the plan when I put it in the overhead bin.
  7. one caveat, though ~ last time i flew EVERY SINGLE TIME i had to go through security they took my kelly OUT of the protective bin and put it right down on the conveyor belt. (so i bought a longchamps to hold it in paris dutyfree on my last leg.)
  8. Definitely bring it as carry-on. I've heard too many horror stories of people losing items in their checked luggage. I'm a bit obsessive and don't want my birkin to get dirty sitting on the floor of the flight or through the machines. Here's an old thread where I was inspired by others on this forum to order a Longchamp Pliage as a "birkin travel protector". It's worked out great and I've been using it for over a year now. HTH!
  9. Definitely bring it on board with you! I bring along a folding bag big enough to put my birkin/kelly in so when they go onto the conveyor belt I don't freak out!! And I keep my bag in the protective folding bag when I put it under my feet ~~
  10. nyfashion, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. :hugs:I cannot even imagine what I would do in that situation. Thank goodness your birkin wasn't in it.
  11. I agree with dressage queen and CindyYZ. I take mine but put it in a Longchamp Pliage as well and carry it with me. Never had a problem. In 2006 I was forced to put my Kelly in my checked baggage due to the terrorist threat in London and no one could take a carry on onto the plane. I had just gotten it and I thought there was no way it would be alright as they would not let us lock our luggage. Happy to say, it made it home safely.

    It was the only time I had travelled with extra jewelry as well as we were there for my son's wedding. Well, I certainly wasn't going to put that in my checked baggage, so.....I wore every single piece. It was quite a sight.
  12. Boo, thanks for the idea. I will definitely do that if I decide to take one of my birkin along.
  13. will pay good money for photos!
  14. ^^ Me too!

    I travelled with my 35 in a Pliage. It was zipped as it went through the x-ray machine (no problem) and in the Pliage under the seat in front of me, again, no problem.

  15. That's a good one DQ. My DH would have probably taken a photo because I looked so ridiculous, but you could not take a camera on board. It was the most "non-crowded with carry on bags" flight I have ever been on. Nothing in the overhead bins or at your feet. The flight attendants loved it.