Should I take it or not? Birkin 25 in new red-Reveal pg 3!

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  1. #1 Jun 28, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
    My sales called me this afternoon, and offered me a red (a new red from this season) birkin in size 25. I forgot the color code, but she said it is the same color as the swatch she showed me recently. So it should be the same as the picture shown below. I am so indecisive right now. Should this take this one, or wait for a neutral color birkin 25? (I have several H bags, birkin, kelly, lindy, but none of those are in neutral colors (black, gold, etupe). Please help me with any thought or idea you have! thanks!!!!

    (the pic is not mine, my friend sent to it me days ago, and i was like "wow, so pretty!!") 1.pic_hd.jpg

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  2. anyone who got hands on this new red, please let me know how you like this color too!!!:heart:
  3. I am not sure what red this is (I thought rouge tomate, rouge grenate and rouge H were the only reds offered this season) but it is really pretty!!
    From my perspective, red is a neutral.:smile:
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  4. hmmm i wonder which new red you will be receiving but "red" in general at H is pretty. a small size red is nice, a little punch colour to your outfit. remember that b25 has very small handles and it gets too whoofy with twillies

  5. i am not sure about the name of it either. The only thing that I could remember is that this red is the only red i saw in this season's swatch. now, i feel this is rouge grenate. thank you!
  6. oh! good to know, i was thinking which twilly should i use for this bag. Thank you! this could be my first 25!
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  7. I think it is stunning! I would grab it, and I is neutral!
  8. Take it ❤️
  9. Not sure I follow where this bag is being offered, if you mean the bag shown here--not in an Hermes boutique but dangling from someone's hand outside a balcony. Who's offering this, and what do you know about the seller?
  10. "my sales" is my sales lady in the Hermes boutique. This picture is sent from a friend, it has nothing to do with me.
  11. Did your sales person at Hermes name the red you're getting? I'm wondering how you know the bag she's offering is the same red as the one shown in the photo above.
  12. she showed the swatch to me recently. I remember the color when i saw it, but not the name. I re-edited my original post, hope it is not too confusing.
  13. I think it's beautiful!!! Love the color.
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  14. thx! I think I will update my mind that RED is neutral! :heart:
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  15. #15 Jun 28, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
    I would take it like NOW:smile:. It is a gorgeous red (beyond words)!:smile:.

    I turned down a B30 rouge casaque with palladium a month ago because I wanted gold hw. Now I am still kicking myself everyday for not bringing her home. I am back in the waiting room now and not sure when I will be offered another one:sad:. Feeling like eternity!