Should I Take It Back??? Help!

  1. PLEASE help me decide...I was in Marshalls and saw the Coach Signature Fish Demi. I LOVE the beach and thought it would be so cute to tote around on vacation. It was only $70, so I BOUGHT IT!! Now I am trying to decide if I should take it back and get a more "practical" Coach piece (I'm going to the outlet this week) or if I should just keep it and enjoy it?!?! HELP! I am a bit concerned about the suede bottom, although with it being a Demi I won't be setting it down on the ground or anything. Any help is much appreciated!!:shrugs: Here it is:
  2. it's a collectable piece but i'd take it back if i were you and go to that outlet, you KNOW you can find cute pouches for like 40 bucks... originating at like... 140, I DID... cute keyfobs mini skinnys, etc etc...

    the fish: it's cute, collectable, but not timeless.

    outlet all the way baby.

    ETA: goodluck, and let us know what you decide, i really wanna see ur haul from the outlet if you go! (i got a GREAT pouch, a skinny mini, and a keyfob for less that 80 bucks btw at the outlet)

    *the pix aren't of my own things, just pix i found that are all exact EXCEPT the keyfob, mine is cuter and signature lol*
    BlackCoach1.jpg mynewSEXYSKINNYMINI!.jpg kinda close keyfob!.jpg
  3. I completely agree. The purse is cute, but you'll find so many great things at the outlet! Wait and find something you don't have second thoughts about.
  4. I really like it!!! I am still hoping to find something from that collection, but I think I may have missed my chance. Oh well, that is the great thing about Coach. They are always making something new I love.

    I agree that may not be the most practical, but it's so cute! Maybe hold off on taking it back until after you see what the outlet has to offer if that is an option.

    Have fun at the outlet. Let us know if you find any great deals.
  5. Personally? I would save it until it cant be found anywhere! Then sell it on eBay and make a profit!:cutesy:

    And in the meantime, go to the outlet and get something more practical!
  6. I would keep it, it's really cute! It's a good deal too.

    Selling it on eBay won't make you a huge profit, probably in the 10-20 dollar range. Keep in mind that if you do venture down the eBay track, you have to subtract fees from your profit. Ultimately, you probably won't be making much.
  7. I like it...
    Keep it, if you have use for it!
  8. If you don't love it, return it. If you can hold on to it for now, go ahead. There might be a demand for it in the future and you can sell it off easily. Get what you love.
  9. I would keep it. I love mine (I have the same one), my husband bought it for my anniversary last year and I love it! I don't use it a ton, but it is very original and I get a lot of compliments on it since it is one you don't see very often. I would not trade it for anything. :yes:
  10. Thank you so much for all of your opinions! It is SUPER CUTE!!! I'll hang onto it, but will keep my options open. I can't wait to hit the outlet this week!! made a haul for only $80! That is AWESOME!! Send some of that shopping luck my way:yes:
    I'll let y'all know what I decide to do!
  11. AimeeSully: I was kind of thinking the same thing. I think it is SUPER CUTE and I love how it has the Coach Signature AND the cute fish details! Plus, you can flip it around and just carry it showing the Signature w/lavendar trim. I have NEVER seen one on anyone before. How is yours holding up - the suede, etc?? Does it get dirty easily?
  12. Because it's signature - it does not show dirt very much at all and the suede at the bottom is holding up great. Since it is a littler purse, I don't have a tendency to throw it on the ground at soccer games like some of my larger totes. It's very cute for just heading out to the mall or out to dinner.

    I have had it for over a year and I am still loving it. I have not seen many with this design at all.

    It should definitely be a keeper! :yes:
  13. If you are having doubts, I would check out the outlet and see if there is something you like better.
  14. Your's was only 70????? WOW! I almost got that same one today at my Marshalls, but i decided against it because it was 115. I may go back and get it, since I think I would use it alot on my trips to Boston, and its soooooo adorable for summer! :smile:
  15. keep it.. i have it (recently got it on ebay) and I love mine. I even bought the medium carryall as well... Everyone compliments it and it's a perfect summer bag.. and for only $70 it's a steal!