Should I take Etoupe??

  1. ^^That is the exact ones I have, black, etoupe, barenia birkins
  2. You have the perfect collection:tup:
  3. Thanks Kashmira, I try to remember that when I see everyone lovely bags and goodies!
  4. I'm definately going with my SO. I was wondering if I should take etoupe in addition? As for 35cm, at 5' tall, I find that 30cm fits me better. I think one 35cm, my black togo, is enough. Somehow, I think tabac camel is a warm neutral, and etoupe in togo is a cool neutral??
  5. With pall hardware etoupe is cool with gold hardware etoupe is warm.
  6. If you can take both etoupe and SO,you should add etoupe,it's a marvellous color which change with lights.
    Have you seen this Birkin on reality?It's not only a question of colour,the grain, of leather,its softness,is important too,I'm sure you'll know immediatly what to do,when you'll have her in hands;).
  7. i think its redundant
  8. Etoupe is such a great neutral and too good to pass on....
  9. As you wrote that you prefer 30 cm, then go for this one:tup:.
  10. I would jump at it - etoupe is fantastic!
  11. Go for it!! Earlier this week I almost bought this one neutral color Birkin (sorry, forgot the color bc it's a new one) that's a bit lighter than Etoupe, but passed up on it bc it was a 35. I'm only 5' as well, so I think 30 fits me best, too. You should grab it quick!! BTW, you have a very nice collection!!
  12. I have etoupe and tabac camel and I think they are not too similar...
  13. I prefer 30 too :p I literally cannot handle the weight of a 35~~~ I have seen 30 togo etoupe w/ phw IRL so it's very true that it does change with different lighting. Very versatile. Definitely a year round color~~

    Ok, confession time - my SA told me that my SO for an etoupe w/ rose shocking lining has been accepted so my opinion is definitely biased!!!:graucho:
  14. Intersting Costa. I have a T-C and went for a Prune 30 and a BJ 25 as I was thinking Etoupe too similar in color. I will have to look at Etoupe again.
    I guess it is best to go in a look at it and see if it MOVES you!
  15. absolument, if you see it and love it :p it's a great color!