Should I take a 40 Birkin in Gold or Orange or neither?

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  1. I was offered these bags today and am unsure. I have a 30 Birkin, but it's dressy so I went in to H to check out a 34 Lindy and was offered either of these bags. I hadn't yet thought about what color/leather combo I would want, but I am in the market for a new, larger bag (no large Lindys in the colors I wanted). I'm 5'10" and like bigger bags - I tend to carry papers with me so I don't think the size bothers me, I love my 40 Kelly. There was a 35 B in a dark Blue (I forget which one, but it was chevre and I need something sturdier and I think a larger bag). I realize 40 Birkins are easier to come by.

    What would you do?
  2. I would take it in the gold. In the 40cm, this will be a utilitarian bag and you will want for it to be in one of those timeless "go with everything" colors, don't you think?? The orange is iconic, but will be VERY bold in the 40cm......

    Should you later decide on the orange, it looks gorgeous in the clemence leather...very rich..but clemence will look droopy in such a large bag (better in he 30cm)
  3. Orange!

  4. Another vote for the gold :tup:
  5. Gold :yes:
  6. gold with white contrast stitching! it is a timeless classic!
  7. thanks so much for all the responses!

    I think the orange is awesome, but was a little hesitant that it would almost look like I'm carrying around a traffic cone (albeit a very pretty one) :P although if it was a 40cm in pink, I would have snapped it up. I think the bag might be Clemence and it looked structured even empty at this point. Can you suggest a leather that will look less droopy in 40cm, but still be sturdy?

    Thanks for your comment. I've learned so much from your posts in these threads. I was so overwhelmed by the choices (and that the store was closing in 10 minutes), I didn't check out the bags too much -- is white the standard constrast stitching for gold? Do you have a suggestion of which leathers to look for or avoid in the gold? TIA!
  8. Togo would be more sturdy than Clemence.
    For gold, togo is a classic (you see a lot of these) but you can also get it in clemence (softer) or swift. The swift is smooth..not grainy..but not as shiny as box. It is not as common so perhaps a bit more special, perhaps. The barenia is similar but is saddle leather and will darken over time.
  9. BTW, have you considered Etoupe? I used to think this was a boring color but it seems to go with everything. Very popular. Also, in such a large Birkin, it will not look so huge....
    Honestly, an orange 40cm is a very strong statement....if you really want to grab one right now, I vote for the gold. Such a will never grow tired of it.
    You can wear it with more things...
    I wear a lot of black and just imagine a big orange bag with black...especially with halloween on the horizon...LOL. I love the orange but in a smaller bag. Just my opinion. You will figure out what makes you are so smart to take the time to think about your decision :smile:
  10. Gold would be my choice
  11. Gold (at least over Orange)....
  12. Thanks for all the opinions -- I appreciate it.

    I used to love Etoupe, but now I associate Etoupe Birkins w/ someone I'd rather not so it's out for me.

    I agree about the boldness of the orange bag - hence my traffic cone concerns.

    Thanks also for the input about the leathers -- the gold 40 is in clemence so I'm concerned that it will be too floppy.

    Which did you decide to go with?