Should I switch out my GSH black Brief for a SGH black day?

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  1. I just think I like th day better, but I am concerned with the way things are on the evilbay I might not be able to sell the brief to get the day. I am torn....
  2. can you return the brief? If you can, and you like the day better, I'd go for the day!
  3. what ? I really dont understand lol
  4. I might be able to return it. I just hate messing with my SA's!
  5. buy them dinner then ;)
  6. Do an exchange then, so in the end you're still buying from them.
  7. IMO-day is more casual and brief can be worn to formal depends on which kind of occasion you occur more...
  8. I love and have the black GSH day!! You can't lose with this one and it isn't so darned heavy either.
  9. I think my SGH black brief is my best bag, leather-wise...
    Can you find a day you like with leather as nice or better than your brief?
    Because I totally love my one Day that I have, but I really prefer how I look wearing the Brief.
    In fact, I am probably more likely to carry my Day in the crook of my arm :shame: