Should I switch my LVR preordered messenger color?

  1. I preordered an anthracite flat messenger in february, but am now having second thoughts about the color. Should I switch it to the french blue?

    The reason I ask is because the french blue is really catching my eye lately and I don't have the money for another Bbag in addition to the messenger I have already paid for. The only thing is that I think the FB looks best in the city, but as much as I have tried to love the city, I just can't make it work for me. I guess I could cancel my preorder with LVR and try and find yet another day bag, but I am kind of trying to branch out since I already have several of them.

    I just can't decide if that bright, bright color is going to work in a cross-body style?

    I don't think I'll be too bummed about the anthracite since it appears Balenciaga is doing a another dark grey for fall.
  2. I say go for it and see if you can order it in the FB. You've already paid for it, so if it's not too much hassle for LVR to change the color, then, why NOT? Get a Bbag in a color you REALLY want... :yes:
  3. I guess the dilemma is that I'm not sure how the FB would look in the messenger.
  4. Go for the ANTHRACITE. You'll fall in love with the color. Mine is a dark shade of blue.
  5. I vote anthracite, but only because I have an anthracite city and know the color really well AND because I personally feel very conspicuous in the really bright bags, so when I carry one I like to carry a smaller one, like a first.

    I think the anthracite is going to be KILLER in the messenger style, and will go with a lot more, no matter what YOUR mood. FB is a gorgeous color, but I think you'd have to really be in the mood to carry that much bright blue all at once.

    But if you like carrying large, bright bags, then scratch everything I've said and go for it!
  6. If you like FB i say get the Day in FB.:yes: I saw it at NM and it looks gorgeous.:graucho:
  7. I agree!
  8. totally agree! the DAY style is great and in FB it looks even more incredible! :yahoo:
  9. I have the Messenger in Anthracite and I love it - the colour suits the style so well :love:

    But if it is definately French Blue you want then I would go for the Day - I'm like you and not sure how the Messenger style will look in FB? :push:
  10. does anyone have pics of the flat messenger?

    the lvr website has no pics of balenciaga bags...
  11. I've just returned this today.

  12. I'm a twiggy fan, and this style (messenger) just didn't grow on me. It's very flat and awkward. Its not slouchy. And if your tall, you may find the strap not long enough, so it sits high.
  13. What about French Blue in a men's Day? I am not sure if they made the men's bags in French Blue this year, but I think a men's Day in French Blue would be TDF
  14. French Blue looks TDF.