Should I swap this for that?

  1. I am putting my RG for sale and I got a swap request. Putting up my RG because the size is too big for me and I don't work so it has been sitting in my wardrobe. Can get a tad heavy as a casual bag. I am hoping to get the black one in medium size someday as they don't carry that in my local boutique.

    As for the downtown, I was never really into it. Does anyone know how heavy is a large downtown and what is the leather used in this one?
    Most importantly, should I swap? I see the RG as a timeless bag but I am worried that the downtown might not be around that much especially in the colour, I really don't know.


  2. Hi!

    I can see why the RG would be too big for you...I tried it on months ago at NM and felt the same way, and I like big bags. I also felt that the large DTown was big.

    You have a pic of a medium downtown and that size is OK with me. I do not know about the leather for the metallic downtowns, but if you do swap, make sure you look at it carefully. I think the RG's are worth a lot more than the DT...Just make sure you really want the DT so the trade can be fair.
  3. I would just stick with your original plan to sell the RG since it doesn't sound like you've been interested in picking up a Downtown and seem to have some doubts about it. A Medium Downtown (which is the size pictured in your post) isn't going to be any smaller than a Large RG, either, so you're just going to end up with another big bag. It's a pretty Downtown if you were interested in it, but I think you might end up having some of the same issues with it as you do with your Large RG.
  4. I wouldn't swap since the downtown is fairly sizeable. Sell the RG and find something else that meets your needs.
  5. I think that if your RG is too big for you, then the downtown will be as well. I would just sell the RG and use that money or order the medium size.
  6. ^^^^ I agree, sell the large and buy the medium
  7. I wouldn't swap for a metallic downtown, that is way too trendy and will be so outdated... but my personal taste just does not like metallic bags.
    I feel a black downtown in medium is a perfect bag.
  8. ITA :tup:
  9. Thank you kind tpfs for your opinions. I have decided to go with you all and not to swap for the DT. The medium black RG is my ideal bag and I shall try to sell this to get funds for that. Problem is RG is not popular at all where I live and will be very difficult to sell.

    Anyway, thanks again for your input. :flowers:
  10. You can try selling it on eBay or wait till you get 500 posts and apply for the purse forum marketplace.
  11. ^ I have heard that people can get rejected even with well above 500 posts. I wonder what their criteria is. Does anyone know?