Should I swap Sienna Ivory for Desert

  1. Help me decide Kooba lovers! :confused1:

    I have loved the Sienna in Desert since it was the first Kooba I ever saw in Bergdorf Goodman years ago! I have an Ivory Sienna bought on eBay & never used-- should I sell it to pay for the Desert? I do like a pure white bag for summer-- but the white lambskin is so easily trashed.
  2. If I had a choice I would definitely pick the Desert. It is a beautiful bag. I like the ivory but would be worried about getting it dirty. I hope you can find a desert one if you decide, they are hard to find.
  3. I'd keep the Desert. I had an ivory Charlie and sold it because it seemed like if anyone even breathed on it I thought it would get dirty. The desert is such a nice all around color :tup:
  4. I'd definitely go for the Desert. It's a fabulous, year round color and more practical, plus you've yearned for one for so long. There's a lovely looking one on eBay right now.
  5. I second everyone else, esp. since you have coveted that Desert for years!
  6. Funny, I want to get rid of a Desert for an Espresso. The desert is beautiful and I have to say the leather is amazing. I bought a desert Sienna for my Mom and it is in great condition. She told me that she does not really care for double handle bags, so I bought her a Jessie instead. She loves the lighter colored bags. I like the dark colored bags. What a dilemma we all are in.
  7. Most definitely the desert! I've coveted the shade in Sienna for a long time and will one day acquire one (I hope!). I really became a fan of the desert leather with my desert Marcelle. I've put that bag through it's paces and it looks just wonderful.

    There's just something about the texture and color of that desert lambskin! Go for it! :tup:
  8. The Ivory is so pretty, I hope she finds a good home. I'm too sloppy for a white bag.
  9. I have both a desert and ivory Sienna. If push came to shove, the ivory would be shown the door in favor of the desert! It's just such a darn useful color.
  10. I agree with the majority here.
    I have an ivory sienna which I LOVED and used when I first got it 2.5 years ago.. Then when it was stored for the winter and I pulled it back out, I was upset at all the denim stains at the foot of my bag. I'm leary to use it since. I can't seem to get the bag back to that original condition.
    I don't have any issues with any other Kooba bags in different colors, so I probably would not purchase another ivory bag from them.
  11. Yes the Ivory lambskin seems to be a magnet for dirt. My Ivory Nishia got denim transfer on it. If I do keep the Ivory Sienna I'm going to treat it with Wilson's before I use it.
  12. Jenny, if you don't use the Ivory, it's time to let her go...your Koobas should be out and about, not stuck in your wardrobe..get the Desert, more practical colour...