should I swap my White Birkion 35 for a white JPG?

  1. I finally received my white 35 birkin. it is SO WHITE.. but I already have a BJ in the same size and style.

    one of my friend offer me to swap to a White JPG BIrkiin. It sounds very good to me. since JPG is my dream bag anyway. the only concern is .. my birkin belongs to J year which the JPG belongs to I year. they both brand new. and since I got my one from Hermes shop and she got her one from a re-seller..

    do you gals think those does matter? or not? \

    personally I am not very concern for the Year.. but I knew you can get better value for J year..

    I have to make up my mind tomorrow. any opinion will be helpful..

    ( and i better go since I am using the computer provided by the shopping centre )

  2. Keep your bag, hers might not be authentic. You don't want to risk that freind or not!
  3. I kind of agree. A J and an H is not exactly an equal swap - though the JPG is more expensive right? I'd keep what you have...
  4. hmm it is kind of a painful decision for me. cos i am more like a shoulder bag girl. so I would love to use the JPG more than the birkin 35 esp in white color..

    but i agreed with u2. that .. although both bags are brand new but they belongs to different year so the Market Value would be different. But on the other hand, i saved around 1000US for this swap.. since JPG worth more.. hmm it is hard to decide.. what if she agreed to check the authentity at the hermes store. will that be considerable>

  5. I'd keep the Birkin......definitely!!!
  6. if you take that bag to a store and tell them you purchased it from a re-seller they might not give you the time a day! Especially if your gonna trade a bag you bought from them! You could be blacklisted, and if it's fake!! mama-mia!
  7. Why not just return your bag, get the credit and wait for the bag you want to come in????? Is it past the return date?
  8. nah, i honestly don't think she'll get blacklisted for that. i mean c'mon - the SAs must know that their clients/regulars are obtaining their bags from other sources, ya know? but of course, it's understood that they're doing it at their own risk (no offense:flowers: ).

    as for advice on what to do in this situation, it's entirely up to you. but then again, i'm kinda partial since i own a JPG and yes, they do cost more than the 35 but it seems like the resale value is a concern to you. so yes, the year does make a difference. not much help, am i? sorry. good luck on whatever you decide.
  9. I was told this by a Sales rep. She said that they watch everyone who comes in their store and that if a buyer is cought selling their bag to someone else they could be seceretly blacklisted.
  10. Well said, plus the regular Birkins are wayyyyy prettier than the JPG's
  11. The blind stamp (year) does have 0 affect on it's value. It's not that one is better made then the other. Brand new - never used is always the same...the JPG is more expensive and therefor more valuable (you would be better off with the exchange). Especially if JPG is what you want! But i would only do it, if you are 100% sure that her bag is authentic...if you have the doubts keep the Birkin...
  12. Luxury Zurich, thanks so much for this helpful information! I was wondering whether the blindstamps were like wine "vintage"...
  13. I too would swap bags if you really prefer the JPG, just as long as you know that it is authentic.
  14. Please make sure, like 10000000000000 gazzillion percent thats it's authentic before you make that trade!
  15. Totally agree 100% with coconut and Luxury. Why not, if you love it and always wanted a JPG...just authenticate the bag!!! Good Luck and keep us posted.