should i swap my black east west B bag for a pink cerf tote?

  1. so i have an opportunity to do a swap but i'm concerned that the cerf tote might be too big for me and too old since i'm almost 18. i wouldn't want to use it for uni because i'll probably kill it so i need opinions on whether it's a good day time/casual bag or whether i'm better off sticking to the b bag (which is oh so handy, a great size and easy to just chuck on cuz it's black and goes with everything - ok i just made it sound like i love my b bag but i'm a sucker for a pink chanel haha)
  2. stick with the e/w its a totally cute bag and will still be cute and not played out in a few years. i love pink too but black is really functional
  3. btw i thought i'd mention when i saw east west i mean the Fendi b bag in the small east west size :smile:
  4. * that should say when i say.... not when i saw *hits head* but yes... anyone?
  5. No.
  6. YES! LOL.. I'm a sucker for pink too..
  7. Pink is just not practical, but I love the cerf tote!
  8. I love the cerf tote, but not in pink. I think a pink tote is too trendy. Black, brown, white or beige will last you for many, many years.
  9. ^agreed! it's a great bag in the neutral colors.
  10. no, keep the e/w!
  11. Keep the black -- it goes with anything. Can't imagine a pink cerf tote. For a tote, I agree pick a more neutral like beige, black.
  12. at first thought, i was biased and was going to tell you to switch for the chanel, but jmen is right.. black is easier to match and a pink cerf would be out of place for upcoming winter....
  13. Keep the black. Pink cerf would be too difficult to wear and it seems that the size might be too big for your lifestyle.