Should I stop...

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  1. ...with Lindsey? Some of yall kno i hve 9 Lindsey's. Yes, 9. I love the look. I love tht it is light weight. I lve the size. Damn. I just love Lindsey. Yes, i use thm all. So delete time is comin n i want Aegean n Acorn. Is that to many?
  2. Not if you use them all. It's only too much imo whn you have bags and don't use them.
  3. Nope, especially if you don't have one in every colour to match every outfit :P
  4. tPF is never the place to ask if anything is "too much?" :lol:

    If you love them and use them, then the more the merrier!
  5. Hollllla!
  6. Not at all!! When you find a style you love, go for it!!
  7. No, who cares how many you have, buy what u love! I really want Acorn and Aegean too! :heart:
  8. Well alright thn. Glad yall agree with me bc the stLkin abt to begin. Lololol
  9. You had me worried there when I saw the title - I thought you were giving up Coach! :shocked::panic:
    I wouldn't buy them just because they were going away but if I really liked the colors, I would get them.
  10. If you love the style, if you use them all, AND IF IT IS NOT CAUSING YOU ANY FINANCIAL ISSUES, then no need to stop. When you find a style that works, why not stick with it.
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    Not at all....! I am not far behind you with 6 Lindsey's myself....! I'm with you I love them!!
  12. If you find them at outlet price than it is meant to be in your collection. That is what I tell myself :biggrin:
  13. nope! not too many! if you love them & use them all, get the colors you want! :smile: I only have 1 & I want more! I want the fuchsia, black, aegean, and maybe the acorn! :biggrin:
  14. There's not too many for me!! I have 54 bags, almost 40 of those are Coach, and I still want more.

    If you like Lindsey go for it!!! I might get Saffron myself!
  15. Geetttt themmmm!!! :yes::yes::yes: