Should I stop while I'm ahead?

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  1. As of late I have been building on my Legacy Peyton collection. I bought the MFF's at the outlet to help round it out, while I love my Peytons (and I do mean LOVE :love:) There is a part of me that wants to find those colors in the FP LE versions. I have both the FP and MFF and I know visually there really no difference, but I still find myself calling around looking for the original LE's. I'm thinking I may not be the only one because when I ask the SA on the phone if what they have is the LE version they sound annoyed as if they are tired of answering that question. Plus the fact that the stores that I know do charges sends don't have any, and when I find a store that does have them, they don't do charge sends :pout:, which only makes me that much more determined, I know it shouldn't matter but am I crazy for wanting that lil something extra?
  2. I hear ya but I bought a MFF Black Patent and lately been craving for coach to introduce newer colors in MFF. I am dying to get my hands on a red one and wouldn't care if it was MFF or FP. I have a few older MFF bags but this one takes the cake as the nicest one I have.
  3. I like my MFF. but I didn't have any other options so I took it. But to know that they are still in some outlets is kinda eating away at me.

    They really need to produce the purple patent as well as the red. Those would surely fly off the shelves.
  4. i think the saddle color is so pretty as well as the dark green in the regular leathers
  5. To some people having the LE full priced bag makes it special. You're obviously part of that group, so no, it's not crazy.

    But at some point you'll need to decide just how much time you are prepared to invest in the search to picking one up at the outlet price, since none of the outlets near you have them or do charge sends.

    So you'll have to come to terms with that, and perhaps settle for what you have, or decide it's worth some extra money and buy one from the secondary market ( ebay, bonanzle, etc)

    Good luck in your search.
  6. You have to be careful on ebay.... They list it as Limited Edition and its the MFF when you see the creed or the price tag....
  7. I understand...I did the same exact thing I actually found 3 (gray patent, white patent, and fushia) all limited editions at the Houston Premium outlet Cypress, TX and my fiance got me a black patent limited edition from San Marcos, TX for v-day. I am not sure if either store does charge sends or not. Good luck in your search...I know how you feel.
  8. No, I won't go on ebay, I wouldn't pay more for LE or risk returning my sure things that I know are in good shape.