Should I stop buying.....

  1. As some of you know that I got load of Dior maice watch straps.I got around 25 now. I want some more straps to add into my collection but my BF said that this is too much:confused1: and ask me to stop buying more straps. Moreover, he tells me the cost of my straps are cost over a rolex. He also told me that Malice is nearly out-dated.

    I love watch and I do own some other brands like Gucci, Fendi, Chanel, Moschino and many swatches.

    Normally, I did not buy too expensive watch but my BF words came into my thought.

    Should I stop buying more straps??? Will malice gonna be last for next 5-10 years? What do you think about this? I got my first malice watch since year 2001. Last 5 years
  2. Any opinions please? :confused1:
  3. you should buy it if you like it and will wear them~~

    if buy it at such a high price, you should enjoy them right? :smile:

    wrist accessories are always trendy and vintage is always in ~~!!
  4. Hi Vicky2007!!!!

    I don't think the Malice is going anywhere. It's one of Dior's best-selling watches and has actually been around the longest. It's selling feature is probably its simplicity and understatedness, which makes it timeless. The fact that you can change its strap so easily means you can match any look with it, too!!!! If I had a Dior Malice watch (may in the future), I'd get as many straps as I can find!!!

    My Chris47 Steel, on the other hand, was discontinued, and I sorta saw that coming considering how trendy it looked.
  5. I don't really think a watch can be outdated - it is a piece of jewelry and as such if you love it then you should wear it as often as you like.

    That said, do you have pictures of all your lovely straps? I would love to see your collection if you can post a picture. :smile:
  6. i think you shouldn't stop. heheh, but i'm playing devil's advocate.

    the thing about the malice watch is that it can be a totally different watch once you change the straps to it. so it's like having about a zillion different watches just by buying a couple of different watch straps. i think it's brilliant that it becomes both practical (and easier on the pocket than buying a few watches) and "fashionable" (in the sense that with the variety of watch straps, i'm sure it's easier to make that 1 watch match your various outfits).
  7. Oh! I feel better now :smile:.
  8. I got the pix on the POST YOUR DIOR ACCESSORIES thread in this Dior forum. You can go to view them and enjoy!
  9. Buy what you like
  10. :nuts: In reality I couldn't buy everything I like as I have too many passions :sweatdrop:
  11. I agree.
  12. Finally, I would stop buying an extra strap for a while (ban for at least 6 months) until I get J12 ( more 6 months to go and J12 will be mine.)

    Thanks a lot for all your response.
  13. Have you considered the Dior Christal :biggrin:?

    I personally like the Christal more because it's so fashion-forward, diva-ish, and sparkly. It also doesn't scratch because the crystal pieces are sapphire crystal. So the watch can look new after years of use.
  14. Very kind of you to post the pic for me :smile:
    I think J12 in white is much more better :shrugs: I don't know why:confused1:
    I fall in love with it since I saw it at 1st time.
  15. I actually love the polished white ceramic finish of the white J12, but I'm more into bling bling stuff and the Dior has enough bling to satisfy me:biggrin: