Should I still bring my speedy on my trip- irked with shining

  1. I am SUPER IRKED with So I'm going to vegas palm springs and then cancun Tues and since its 100+ degrees there I kn ow im going to be sweating like no other not to gross anyone out. =P So thinking ahead.... i ordered shining monkey leather protector to spray on my bag to protect it form handsweat and such TWO weeks ahead of time thinking .. however much they lag i WILL get this item before I leave for vegas palm springs and cancun!! I placed ordered and paid via paypal the 19th!!! I did not get a confimation email as is customary with other websites. They took the money. I sent them an email a week ago inquiring because I never got my package. No response. Finally today I call! And guess what... they never sent it because 'oh you paid with paypal and we needed to confirm .. uhhh ... uhhh we sent you two emails,' He also said he never got my email. Ok this guy was lying. I have been checking my email junk mail and all everyday several times a day like a maniac waiting for their email. :rant: He said he cannot upgrade my shipping!!!!! :censor: I'm leaving for vegas in 2 days and my new Speedy is still unprotected. Vegas is like 110* same with palm springs and cancun is probably hot too. I wanted to keep my speedy light colored and heat like that will speedy up the patina process huh? Especially since I havent gotten my shining monkey yet. :sad: So theres my rant. I REALLY wanted to bring my Speedy but since its not protected n ow.... Should I still bring itwith me? I know I'm going to be sweaty :shrugs: How damaging (risk spotting it and making patina darker) will the effects be to take it out in such high heat?
  2. What about tying a scarf on the handles? That should protect them if you really want to bring your speedy on your trip. And ugh that sucks about I think I may order my can from Amazon instead.
  3. :yes: That's what I'm thinking,wrap it around the handles to avoid direct contact when you're sweaty. Enjoy your trip though!:smile:
  4. I used to work for LVMH so I am familiar with your concerns...However, stop worrying and use the bag!!! As soon as the leather is exposed to oxygen-the tanning process starts. Even after one week of handling the bag with super clean hands-the leather will change color--you WANT to see those imperfections! Its characteristic of the brand and all monogram bags with exposed leather will do this--the fakes do not.....If your still worried about the "worn" look, then I would exchange the bag for a Epi Leather Speedy...You will never see dirt on those bags.....Also-don't put any type of leather product on the handles--it WILL diarken them.....
    USE THE BAG and have FUN!!!!
  5. I say take it with you. If you're really that worried about it, take something else with you. I don't mind patina setting in. In fact, it took a long time for mine to set in.
  6. you should take your speedy along. after all you want to be styling on your vacation!