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Should I stay with this guy?

Should i dump him?

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Toya T
Nov 29, 2006
Hey there everyone I have a little problem that i have been thinkiing about for about 1 month now. I have a boyfriend and when i met him he had a job but he lost it. So im like thats ok im still going to be here for him,then his car broke down so its in the shop and he can't afford to get it out and he lives with his mom and a friend and a cousin basically whoever will take him in is who he stays with. Then he drives his sons mother car sometimes but he tells me they're not together and haven't been for over a year. But when i see him driving her car i start to wonder. Then we were talking one day and he told me that "me and her will never be together" so i asked him were they considering it and he was like Yeah! im like does she know you have a girlfriend and he's no! Im like what the $%^&? why not? he says he forgot.But i keep dating him anyway.Then his cell was disconnected for like 2weeks he's asked me for money like $30 which i let him have.But i havent given him anymore since that.While his phone was off he didnt try to call me from a friends phone or a pay phone nothing.When i did talk to him he claims my number wouldnt work from his friends cell im like you are soooo lying any number works on a cell. Then on Christmas he didnt wish a Merry Christmas. I called him twice that day he didnt answer he said he got me something and i havent gotten it.I got him something and im considering taking it back.Oh and i havent seen him since 12/4/06 and its 12/27/06.What should i do? Im starting to loose interest in him. But he's soo cute and he is nice and kind but that only gets you so far.What do i do?Help me please!


eat me
Nov 8, 2006
hmm just the simple fact that you haven't seen him since beginning of december bothers me...i've always thought that if someone really likes you and wants to see you, they'll always MAKE it happen no matter the circumstances....you know what i mean? it seems like his excuses are always made to excuse his not seeing you or talking to you, when it should be the other way around; he should be making excuses whenever possible to whatever else he's doing in order to see you!! just my experience....good luck!!!