Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Looking for Unbiased Opinions!)

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  • Keep the YSL -- it was a great deal & a gorgeous bag!

  • Return the YSL -- F/W MJ bags are waiting to be bought!

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Sep 13, 2006
The Windy City
90% of the time, I'm in the MJ sub-forum as that's my first love. I'd say about 85% of my handbag collection are MJ bags with the other 15% split amongst a variety of others.

Last weekend, I purchased a YSL Downtown Tote in Coated Canvas. It was a customer return and had been marked down 60% ($594.90). I have loved this style since I first saw it, but never wanted to spend the $$ on it since there are so many MJ bags I really want (esp this f/w season!). If I had my pick, I'd want one of the leather ones I've seen with suede lining, but from what I can tell those rarely get marked down this much and if they do, they usually fly off the shelves.

I know that a BIG part of the reason I bought this bag was because of the price. I don't normally purchase white bags, but the coated canvas seems like it might be easier to take care of versus leather. But the more I look at it, the more in love with it I become. I love the shape, style and the "cool" front pocket and the black leather trim is just TDF!!

I'm just trying to decide if I should keep it & carry it with pride or if I should take it back and use that money towards one of the many MJ bags I want this fall?

I know I may never have another chance like this again (of purchasing this bag for this price). The girls in the YSL forum have said I should return it & wait for a leather one, even if it means spending a little bit more -- but that's the thing. I don't think I ever WOULD spend more for this particular bag. As much as I like it, en extra couple hundred $$ could be used towards an MJ bag. I haven't even asked the girls in the MJ forum, since I'm pretty sure what they will say!;)

So here I am looking for some "unbiased" opinions -- Should I keep this bag & carry it with pride knowing what a FANTASTIC deal I got, which means saving up just a little bit longer for one of those f/w MJ bags I so desperately want, OR should I take it back and put that money towards one of the new MJ bags that I want, even tho I still need to save up for about another month or so before I have enough for the bag I want? (it's sort of "instant gratification" versus "Future Pleasure"!). Oh yea, and you should know....I've already purchased ONE of the MJ bags from the new f/w line that I wanted as well as one of the Small Leather Accessories.

btw, this is the bag I purchased:



Apr 8, 2007
I loved this bag when I saw it posted in your other thread. I think it's gorgeous! I would keep this one since you got it for such a great price, and since you already have one of the f/w MJ's. JMO


Jul 24, 2006
Los Angeles
I would keep it as well (it seems to really be growing on you)! First of all, it is a gorgeous bag,'s nice to add more variety to your collection, and lastly- if you end up not using it like you feel you should, you could likely sell it for what you spent :smile:


Aug 20, 2006
Boston area
I love MJ bags too (I have 2) but I've always wanted a YSL downtown too and this is a nice one! Think of it this way, Coach bags are going for the same price you paid for a YSL!?!?!?! KEEP HER!!! :smile:


Compulsive Shopper!
Sep 30, 2006
I think that bag is stunning. I also love MJ bags, but I always think a variety is good ;)


Jul 18, 2007
I think you should keep it. If you find you don't like it as much as you thought than I suggest selling it on eBay, I am sure you'll get more money back...
if you have been lusting this bag for quite some time than I say you definately will enjoy it...sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit for a good price. you're NEVER going to buy this style full price so just get this one!!!
Jun 8, 2008
I am in LOVE w/ that bag.
Definately a keeper!! Plus you scored
a deal on it!
The white/black contrast is
sooo pretty!


Sep 3, 2007
I voted to keep it. You sound like you truly love it and I like it too! Plus you've already bought one of the f/w MJ bags.