Should I stay(current job) or should I go (new company/position

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  1. Hello TPF,
    I've spoke to my close friends and family and I am still torn about what to do so I thought I would ask you all for some advice

    So, I've been at my current company for more than 6 years and during that time I was promoted once to a new job which I've been in for the last 4 1/2 years. During this time I was able to go back to school and get a graduate degree which I completed less than a year ago. I knew I wanted to make more money and take on different responsibilities so I've applied for different openings at my company but nothing has panned out. I would also apply to external jobs every now and then but my focus was always to get a better job with my current employer. They have some really good benefits and flexibility which is very important to me. I had some conversations with my supervisor about my current job but the conversation never went anywhere as she was about to go on maternity leave.

    Since the beginning of 2016 I've been more intentional about looking for new opportunities. I paid for resume
    service and received an updated resume and I have had several interviews. Today I received an offer from a company I interviewed with , the benefits are not that great compared to my current job and I would not have the flexibility in terms of work hours/telework as well as some other benefits that my current employer pays for however I will be paid more and will have increased responsibilities. My hubby thinks that having flexibility and benefits trumps salary. This is such a so hard because the opportunity to build/develop a program/team from scratch as well as expand. One other item of note is my would be boss has only been with the organization for 2 months, I think that came be a positive and a negative.

    So should I stay or take the new job?
  2. The three things I ask myself and tell others to ask themselves are: do I like the new team, do I like the work I'll be doing, and above that, will I be earning more money (because the other two may/can/will change, so at least I can tell myself I'm earning more when things do suck). Is it really earning more money with the loss of certain benefits, paying for gas/car maintenance, and spending time on the commute however many extra days a week? These are factors too.

    I'd also factor in if it's a title bump as well. It's easier to find something else at a particular level and negotiate better salaries in the future if you have worked with the title beforehand.

    Flexibility and benefits are based a lot upon where you are in your life. For example, I'd be willing to give up work from home for the right position as I don't have children. It's easier to make that sacrifice now than it would be if I had children.
  3. Your husband might be right.
  4. I also think your husband might be right. To have flexibility and benefits is better than higher salary. But if you are not happy with your current job or team and you feel like you don't progress/develop, maybe it's time to move on. Since you have paid to update you resume and been actively looking for a new job, I get a feeling that you are ready to move on. Maybe you should wait for a job that comes with both higher salary and benefits? Good luck with your decision and hope for the best for you. It's really not an easy decision you have.
  5. Have you done any negotiations with the new offer or are you just accepting what they said off the bat? Never accept the first offer.
  6. Thanks so much for your insights

    It is tough
    I am still struggling about what to do

    Yes, I have negotiated and the offer on the table is the 3rd offer.
  7. Well, if they can't meet what you're looking for (or don't want to) then I'm not sure I'd make a move.
  8. This is a tough one but it just boils down to benefits v. increased responsibilities and deciding which is more important to you at this point in your career. If you take the offer, your new job might be great and fulfilling but the decreased flexibility might become an issue. If you stay you'll have great benefits/flexibility but you might resent the lack of challenge and opportunity for growth. Keep in mind that even if you'll be making more money, if you're also working more hours it might not be that much of a bump. I know folks who moved jobs for a $50k+ step up in comp but ended up spending countless more hours on the job that in the end almost negated that increase. I went through similar choices in my career and ultimately decided that flexibility is so much more important to me right now and trumps everything else. Even if all of the factors are important, figure out which one will impact you more and let that guide your decision.
  9. if you are happy w your current job...stay till you get a job that you're not asking should you stay or go.
    it's not like you hate your job and you just going to take what's landing on your door step....

  10. Thank Everyone, I spoke to my current supervisor (we've had several conversations over the last year about me looking for more and exploring other opportunity) about the new offer and what was possible she said she couldn't promise me anything since our budget cycle and planning for 2017 doesn't get underway until June and the outcome of a promotion is guaranteed. I am going to take the offer for the new job.
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