Should i stay at home, work PT or use day care?

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  1. Im about to move in with my boyfriend and I have 2 small kids from a previous marriage. We've been trying to decide what I should do, whether to continue my full time job and use day care which is EXPENSIVE or is it just worth me staying at home with the children due to my child support and SSI income from my kids. My bf has a great career and he is by far the breadwinner so my question is what would you do?
  2. Do an analysis:

    If you work FT and do daycare - how much is your leftover income after taxes and paying for daycare?

    If you work PT and do daycare - how much is your leftover income after taxes and paying for daycare?

    Basically, if the two options above leave you with very little income, and you can do without it, I'd stay home. If you still get a substantial amount of income even with daycare payments, it might be worth it to keep working.

    Of course, there is the opportunity cost of being away from your kids all day at work if you do decide to work, which you can't put a price on.

    Good luck with your decision.
  3. I agree with the above. I work PT and I honestly dont make much but enough so I am honeslty considering quitting my job in order to SAVE money. I will speak to a tax adviser and see how much I could save by doing this. It is so darn hard tho, with this crisis and all. Good luck.

    Congrats on moving in with your BF!
  4. I would, without hesitation, stay home with the children.
  5. I agree with Dallas, wholeheartedly.
  6. in addition to iamasadgiraffe's advice: how old are your kids? old enough to start pre-school? old enough that they will be ready to go to grade school within a year or 2? if so, it might be worth keeping your job so that you won't need to search for a new one when they go off to school. who knows what the economy will be like at that point? once your kids are in grade school, i don't see the value in staying home all day. however, if your kids are, say, 1 & 3, it might be worth it to stay home for a few years.

    edit: you should also consider how much you like your job. if you LOVE it or your career is one that is difficult to jump back into after a few years of being out of work, add that to your "pro" list for continuing to work.
  7. I don't know. I look at it this way...if the income you are receiving for your kids would be enough to sustain you if you were out on your own with the two kids, then go for it. But if you would still have to heavily rely on your boyfriend's income, you should proceed with caution.
  8. i made the decision to leave my job and stay home with my two kids. i am fairly certain daycare costs would have been pretty much my whole salary, and i wasn't keen on being without the kids all day. it's harder, two incomes was better than one, but it's been working out fine for almost 5 years now.
  9. It is more complicated than how much you would save by working and paying for daycare vs. staying home. It is not only a right-now economic decision. There is the question of your future, your security which is ultimately your children's security.
    I have done it both ways and there is no easy answer. Everysituation is different. But generally, though I have really loved being home with my children, I think that when a woman quits her job, she takes a big risk. That is true even when the man in question is her husband. So if it were my decision, I would think very hard about depending on a boyfriend.
    Good luck to's a hard choice I know.
  10. Yeah...that's what I was getting at too. :tup:
  11. ^ I concur... and the longterm effects of getting out of the workworld for too long. I know either way this is a HUGE struggle... one that I am about to be looking at!
  12. This is such a tough situation and one my DH and I have had to ask quite a bit, but... in our case we are vested in each other and our children.

    Of course, I can't know your situation, but unless you are 100% sure of this man in your life and his commitment to you and your kids, you need to keep your options open which means keeping the foot in the door at work. For what it's worth, my brother has been working while taking care of his fiance and her three kids from a previous relationship for 9 years now, so I know it's not unheard of, but I know for me, that being out of my field of work for 5 years has meant my career is dead - doesn't help that we moved countries too.
  13. I think babies need their mommies!! Stay home if you can!
  14. Stay at home!!!!!!! But I am biased, that is my dream, to stay home.

    You have to decide what is right for you and your life. If you can afford it why not stay home?
  15. i think another point to consider is do u have enough savings? if something happen to your bf (eg pay reduction, retrenchment, or relationship didn't work out etc) will u be able to provide for yourself and the kids till u get another job?

    i do agree under most situation kids are best when taken care by mummy