Should I spray a water repellent on my Chanel Lambskin Boy?

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  1. Hello all bag lovers! I just purchased my first Boy bag from the 20C collection in lambskin. Not only is it lambskin, but it is also a light peachy nude color (called Light Brown). It is a gorgeous bag and it is the perfect nude that is somewhat different from others that I have seen. It has a warm peachy undertone. Anyhow, I want to take preventive measures by spraying a water repellent on the leather to avoid color transfer or future stains. I'm into preventive so I will not wear new indigo (or any indigo) jeans why I use this Boy as a precaution but still accidents happen (wine spill, spaghetti, Ink, etc) Has anyone ever sprayed any type of water repellent onto their Chanel light color lambskin bag (in matte)? I did put leather conditioner on it, a non wax formula from Kate Spade and it did not alter the leather or change the color at all. I've only had the bag for a few days and it's been in the boutique about 2 weeks. Technically I don't think it needed any moisturizing now but I felt better putting something on the leather vs waiting to see a sign of dehydration. I know, sometimes less is more. Is that true in this case? Chanel said do not put anything on the leather. I don't understand that concept. How can that be good for the leather to not put any conditioner on it...EVER? 596926886.jpg
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  2. Following as I also have a light colored boy (calfskin) that I want to protect!

    PS: I love the color of your Boy

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  3. Also following. I have a beige mini in lamb and I read on here somewhere that Colonil spray works good. Smells horrible (I used it on a pair of suede boots and it worked great) but the smell goes away. I have been too scared to actually spray it on my bag though so I have taken the same approach and only carried it when wearing light colored clothing.
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  4. Hopefully someone that has tried a water repellent or stain resistant spray or lotion on CHANEL LIGHT COLORED LAMBSKIN will come to our rescue! :heart: When I asked Chanel (2 different boutiques) about putting a spray that will repel water they both said I will mess up the leather and may get spots all over it. They both suggested NO conditioner as well, but with my rebel self (after hrs of research) I decided to try Kate Spade's Leather Condtioner as I have read that waxes are not good for the lambskin leather because it builds up and over time of continuing using a contioner with wax in it, it will actually damage lambskin. Well the Kate Spade has no wax in it (and on the bottle it does not even list the ingredients, neither on their website). In Kate Spade they allowed me to test a small area and NO discoloration AT ALL and no texture change. I will not over do it of course. A Nordstrom sales associate outside of Chanel heard my conversation about wanting to put a leather conditioner on my bag while I was in Chanel. After I walked out she suggested I use the one from Cadillac. They do not sell it in their store but I can get it from Amazon. I bought the Kate Spade leather conditioner partially off the reviews but mainly because no wax is in the conditioner (however I wish ALL ingredients were listed, and they are not) along with it being immediately available at my local Kate Spade boutique. So if anyone is looking for a leather conditioner, the Kate Spade worked nicely on my new light color lambskin Chanel. It did not make my bag darker. My bag does not feel more moisturized either but that is because it is brand new and it is not dehydrated yet. Lol. Also it left not shine. It pretty much looks the same and feels the same. I put on a light coating only. It also does not feel greasy. I did try Apple Garde Rain and Stain Water Repellent spray on my LV Mellie bag but ONLY on the vachetta leather shoulder strap and cross body strap. It did NOT change the color! It did make the straps dark after spraying but afterwards it went back to the original color. Do NOT put it on canvas! A youtuber did that and it made it shiny and ugly! A disaster! And so far my straps still look good. The Mellie bag was bought in from 2017 and the straps still look great from last I saw it (I passed the bag down to my daughter). I so want to try it on my lambskin Chanel but I'm scared. I'm also scared I may stain it. I'm stuck in the middle! Hahaha. Scared! Lol :P
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  6. You will mess up your leather and alter the feel of the lambskin. Read the booklet that came with your bag on how to care for the leather properly and just do that.
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  7. I have sprayed my bags with dirt and water repellent and it works great. While I don’t have any light colored lambskin, I did spray white caviar and silver caviar and silver calfskin. Have never had and problems or issues. I also sprayed black lambskin and again nothing wrong with the leather from my perspective. So I would definitely spray it, but you do you.
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  8. Hi there! Yes im not suppose to put anything on it, however that really makes no sense to me; however I never had lambskin. Lol. Leather should be conditioned in my mind. Lol

  9. What product did you use?
  10. Most of the time I use Vectra Formula 16. It changed the color of leather initially, but when dries the color goes back to original. Few times I have used Saphir water repellent.
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  11. A water repellent spray is not really a conditioner for leather...... it’s chemicals that form a thin layer of polymer film such as plastic to repel water... If you really want to condition your lamb skin, use Cadillac leather conditioner in green bottle. That’s what they use in many chanel boutiques, too.
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  12. Leather products should avoid rain or water damage no matter what. But by putting water repellent on your leather, it is also creating a barrier for actual leather conditioning. This could be one of the many reasons as to why Hermes refuses to service any handbags that have been pre-treated by its customers.
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  13. I would like to point out that repellent doesn't really harm caviar because caviar is a more treated leather than lambskin. caviar is also calfskin leather which is tougher than lamb. If you really want to spray repellent on your lamb, you can maybe do a spot test?
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  14. I believe youtouber Chase Amie mentioned in one of het video’s that she treats her light collored Chanel bags with Collonil carbon pro spray. She even sprays it on her denim as well to create a sort of barrier. Maybe try looking that up, might be helpfull! Love the 20c light brown color, it’s a bit peachy nude like you said, absolutely gorgeous!!
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  15. Hi everyone! Thanks to all your replies and input! I found a conditioner and a water repellent to use on my lambskin and I had fantastic results! I wanted to find something local so I could test inside the store BEFORE I purchased, and I did just that!:smile:

    I conditioned my Boy that I purchased new, in a light nude peachy beige color. The name of the color is Light Brown. It is in lambskin, the Boy 19C/20C. I put a light coating of leather conditioner from Kate Spade on the bag while I was in the store. Waited about 30 mins and no change. No color change and no texture change so I purchased it. 3 days later I used a water and dirt repellent/protector spray from Cole Haan. I had a worker test out the spray in the store onto a light color nude lamb jacket they were selling. No reverse reaction so I decided to purchase it. I tried it and I'm very happy to say I had no issues at all, with the Kate Spade conditioner and the Cole Haan water repellent and protector spray. Initially when the Cole Haan was sprayed onto my Boy, there was no change. The bag just looked like it got sprinkled on from rain. However about 1 minute in, the spray started to look like dirty rain drops, which you will be able to see in the pics I attached. However as it started to dry down, the spots went away and nothing is visible. There is NO trace of discoloration at all. I used a flash light and I looked at all different angles and saw no changes. I did spray each section at a time and covered the areas already done with a towel. I covered hardware with either a towel or pieces of tape. My Boy still looks the same (brand new) and still feels soft. The next time I go see my SA I will bring my bag and tell her what I did! Lol. I am new to Chanel and lambskin, however I am not new to leather bags. Leather left untreated are more prone to stains, drying out and aging faster. I do not understand why Chanel states to NEVER use ANYTHING on their bags. I feel why wait til there is damage to send your bag to the spa to get damage reversed. Why not PREVENT? Why not care for your bag as soon as you get it to PREVENT the damage in the first place? I know Lamb is very delicate, which is MORE of a reason to condition and protect. Can anyone explain why Chanel SAs advises everyone not to treat their leather? I wish Chanel would come out with their own formula of conditioners and protectors vs telling us not to do anything except for rubbing the bag dry with the white mit they provide at the time of purchase. Lol. Anyhow I just wanted to share what worked for me.

    Attached are pics of the conditioner and the protectant spray I use . The conditioner has no waxes and the repellent has no silicones. I already condition my Chanel 19 in medium as well along with other bags I got. I will put the protectant onto my 19 tomorrow. :heart:

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