Should I splurge on a pair of Uggs? HELP!

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  1. I have been contemplating on whether or not I should splurge on a pair of Classic Tall Uggs. As most of you girls (and boys) know, Uggs are relatively expensive considering I could only wear them in the winter season (or whenever it is cold without looking silly). I still remember my old college roommate used to wear them with miniskirts back in 2003, and I thought the trend would go away eventually, but I still see girls wearing them on campus every day. So, for $140, should buy a pair of Uggs or should I invest the money on another pair of prettier boots? And if I do buy the Uggs, which of the following colors do you girls like best (from black, chocolate, or chestnut). For those who do own them, was it worth it for you? I know there have been numerous threads posted on this subject, but I really just need the validation from you fashionistas that I am not wasting my money on a pair of ugly (but comfortable) boots because I am thisclose to ordering them online.

    THANKS :smile:.
  2. the majority agrees they're ugly. But even those of us that agree they're not attractive agree that they're outrageously comfy and will continue to wear them.
    I have owned a pair of Sand for 5 yrs and bought a new pair this year, Chestnut. Chestnut is my fave color.
    I like shorts because they look better under jeans IMO.

    I don't care who likes them or when or if they're 'out', that's not what I'm all about.
    They're comfy, warm and make me happy! :biggrin:
  3. last year, i ordered a pair of gorgeous leather cole haan flat equestrian-style boots in lieu of getting a pair of uggs. i didn't want to wear what everyone else wore.

    i've been borrowing my roommate's uggs all this year because, let's face it, my whole college campus is rampant with them and they're 99% warmer and cozier than my cole haans. i'd say, get the uggs. i know i'm ordering a pair online as soon as i get my paycheck.
  4. I think the black Classic Tall Uggs would make me very happy, but I am just worried about spending that much money on a pair of shoes only to wear them once or twice. LOL, my interest in them came seemingly out of nowhere just last week and now, I am dying to own a pair. I think they would look super cute with a long tunic sweater and leggings.
  5. LOL, Uggs are like the only shoes the girls on my campus wears and they definitely grew on me. My main concern with purchasing them is only wearing them once or twice and then locking them in my closet, but with the winter season already here, if I were to buy them, I definitely need to buy them now.
  6. Yeah, I'm totally in the same boat. I've been contemplating all these super stylish high heel boots, and after wearing them for only a few days, I find myself craving total comfort and warmth....which leads me to - also over the past 1.5 days - to suddenly crave a pair of Uggs, which I never thought I would! The description they give on their site of how comfy they are is just sooooo tempting, almost like a security blanket you can turn to whenever you're lazy and want some TLC :P I wish they had my size at the Nordstrom sale of Uggs, since they're soooo cheap when they're on sale there (like $60 something)!!
  7. I know--my sudden craving for a pair of Uggs came out of nowhere. Plus, tPF only makes me want them more with the Ugg threads on how comfortable they are.
  8. I think you should get a pair of uggs. Like Swanky said they will last you a long time and you will where them with pleasure!! THEY ARE VERY VERY COMFY!!
  9. i love my uggs! i get a new pair every yr lol. you can actually sell old ones for decent money too.
  10. I LOVE UGGS. You will NOT regret.
  11. i never like UGGs when they first came out, but i just bought my first pair from and got them for $100 (plus free shipping) i got them in short in sand. if i really like them i may order tall black ones. i really need a pair of winter shoes and i think they are gonna be perfect and i can't wait to get them! u should def invest in a pair.
  12. I have a pair of Tall Sands and they are comfy. I want to get the Chestnut colour but I think I'll just stick with my Sands. My friend also wants to get a pair when we go down to the states this weekend as they are way more expensive here.

    I would suggest that you get them as they are a very good investment. I would get 1/2 smaller though because they fit bigger.
  13. I also hated them when I first saw them, but they are too comfortable. I think if you going to wear them everyday to class, etc. that it's worth it. You can always wear your more stylish one when you're going out.
  14. You can buy them at TJ Maxx for less. I've seen them in pretty colors and you can also buy a matching handbag.
  15. $140! id well snap them up at that price works out at about £60-£65 however over here they retail for £160 for the classic chocolate brown mid length ones that i want ! theyre alot of money for me as i only earn like £200 a month without overtime however im getting about £450 this month so i think ill splurge! but seriously theyre cheap go for it!