Should I splash out on Botkier Bianca large or medium?

  1. Hi all-
    I`m looking for a day bag that can function for work and days off and just love the Bianca- I`m not sure about the size though???
    Could a Bianca owner let me know how much they can get into a medium sized Bianca and / or if anyone uses their large for work?
    Thanks ladies!
  2. the medium Bianca is plenty roomy for me, I carry small make up case, small umbrella, credit card case, and keys and cell phone the larger size is really big. I have a larger one too.. I just feel the medium is more practical
    Hope that helps
  3. i like the medium size much better...the large is reeeeally big!

  4. I have to agree. I don't own one but have seen them many times, and the medium is definitely big enough.
  5. I, like you, was on the fence about whether or not to get the medium or large. I ended up getting the large and on my 5'2 frame, it's enormous! I exchanged it for the medium and it suits my body size much better. The large would be great as a travel or overnight bag, but not for everyday.
  6. For me I love big bags, but one of my best friends has the large Bianca and even though I LOVE IT, it is pretty big. But it also depends on what you take to work. I think you are safe with the medium if you don't have like armfuls of stuff you need to carry everyday.

    Good Luck!
  7. I ordered a medium size bianca and found it to small. I have a large juicy couture wallet and a makeup bag that when placed in the bag made it look like a stuffed sausage. Also, the medium size straps are a little short and fit a bit tight on the shoulder. Something to think about with winter coming up. In the end, I think it really depends on what you like to carry in your bag; if you are like me and lug tons of stuff around I would go for the large. I have yet to order the large bianca, but for those of you who do have the large what type of bag is similiar in size? I have the Kooba Natasha, is that similiar in size??
  8. I just got a large Bianca and it seems to me it's not much different in size than the Kooba Paige. Looking at the dimensions of the Natasha, I'd say they are probably similar...Bianca may be a bit taller but otherwise not much bigger.
  9. Thanks sdkitty! I had to look the Kooba Paige up online and once i seen the picture I realized its the bag I'm carrying today, duh! Sounds like the Large Bianca is the perfect bag for me :yes:
  10. really...i like both sizes- if you know you need one size over the other i would go for that
  11. When I saw the large Bianca a year or so ago I thought it was way too large for me. But after carrying the Kooba Paige, it didn't seem that big. And to me, the Bianca medium strap seemed to short to stay on my shoulder comfortably. Otherwise I might have gotten that one.
  12. I'm on the hunt right now for the perfect grey handbag, any suggestions? I'm not sure if I want to go for something light grey (like the Bianca Grey snakeskin) or Rebecca Minkoff's darker grey. :wondering
  13. Large is pretty big... for me, i'm 160cm (sorry I don't know that in imperial measure) and I found it pretty roomy. Mind you I don't own one, I just parade my friend's around... the leather is luscious and it's definitely practical. I've just never bought one because I always thought the two front pockets looked a little like breasts, but that's just my sick mind :shame:.
  14. hi-
    i am searching for a gunmetal bianca medium size. cant find it anywhere. has anyone seen it online?

    thanks in advance.