Should I spend more $$$ to hand pick my bag or have it shipped??


what should I do?

  1. hand pick it and get it now, spend $46 MORE

  2. save $46 and have it shipped, take a week to get it

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  1. Here is my dilema:

    I'm thinking of getting either a BV or BH and today if I go down to Bev Hills it's only $740 + tax = $801

    But I can get it in HI w/no tax and have it shipped to me for $725 + shipping = $755

    HI is NOT having a price increase anytime soon since they just had one in Dec and I called BH and the lady doesn't know if the BV or BH is on the list to be increased tomorrow.

    SO should I save $46 and order it from HI where it would take a week or so to get it and it would be sight unseen................OR.................should I just go down to BH and get it NOW for $46 more??

    what to do, what to do??
  2. Assuming you could exchange the one from HI in Bev Hills if there's a problem with it, I'd have it shipped.
  3. I think it's worth the money to go down and pick it out yourself!
  4. I think you should hand pick it
  5. :tup::tup:

    I say get exactly what you want.
    For such little money why hassel with the shipping and having someone else pick it out.
  6. Handpick your bag definitely! You will get the experience, plus know that you're getting the best one. Also, with the number of people I've seen on the forum, and I don't mean to get anyone upset because I do understand the issue, but I see so many people using their bags and then returning them after a few weeks, that I wouldn't consider shipping anymore, from anywhere. I just want a pristine bag if I'm paying full price, not one with some patina or marks where someone has returned it. While I knew that the LV boutiques are careful about returns, I would still be concerned that on a shipped bag they might either try to get rid of a display or a returned bag first. I won't buy from E-LUX for any reason because of how many posts I see of people returning their bags after use and I am very aware that warehouse workers are not going to be as careful about what they ship as a boutique might be. I've also seen post after post of unhappy people with E-LUX items where the item clearly had been used.

    I'm for picking out, in person, at the boutique only from now on.
  7. After reading Charleston-mom's post, I agree - I'd spend the extra money and go pick out the bag. I wish I could do that but have NO time between now and the increase to get to the LV boutique. :crybaby:Now I'm nervous that the bags I ordered are going to be used!!! :crybaby:
  8. I would hand pick, just feel safer that way
  9. YES.. go pick it out yourself! Half the fun in shopping for LV is buying direct from the boutique and developping a relationship with your SA.
  10. i would hand picked it....
  11. Definitely handpick so you won't have any doubts later...
  12. ^^^ I agree! Besides you'll get to see other goodies and the BV or BH could possibly come home with a friend.:graucho:
  13. Your absoutely right!
    Today I am sending back a Chanel Caviar bag - that had to have been a store return. I was shocked they would even send me such a used bag.
  14. I would go to the store and get my new bag!
  15. No doubt for me....I'd hand pick. And if I read your message correctly, you are still deciding between BV and BH....which definitely means in person. Also, the experience of going to the boutique and leaving with the Brown Bag is so fun (no offense to the Fed Ex guy!). So many reasons to go in person! :tup: