Should I SO?

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  1. I spoke to my SA today on the phone about the upcoming purchase of the speedy...I mentioned something about the speedy 40 in damier...and he told me that I can always make a special order...He wasn't sure although how much time would I have to wait for this.
    So what do you think should I buy the monogram or do the order? Or buy both...
    I like both monogram and damier.. And if I SO would you think that I should go for something else than Damier? Like mini lin ebene or epi in black?
    Oh totally confused...I wished he had never called me..:confused1:
  2. OOOoohh, go for the epi black one. That would be so stunning. Either that or the damier...
  3. You think? Yes it is great and the idea came from the notting hill where julia roberts carries the epi black one when the paparazzi raid Grant's
    I have never seen them IRL...and I love the pocket on the side..Also I love the nomade I am more confused...
    Does anybody know how much does a SO take?
    And anyone opinions about the nomade? Is it still available?
  4. hola, i think that if you want to special order a bag, it takes up to half a year, that's what my sa told me when i wanted to so a damier speedy 35. plus you have to pay something like 30% more (for example, mono40 price + 30%) and make a down payment. needless to say, i opted for a damier 30. maybe next year i will so one, if they don't come out with one in the meantime!

    the epi speedies used to be made in bigger sizes like 35 and 40, so maybe keep your eyes open on eBay? they tend to pop up every now and then. you would save a lot of moulah. you could also ask a lv reseller (like let-trade) to see if they could find one for you.

    good luck and let us know what you decide!
  5. hola! Thank you very much samara...I knew about the price and I don't really care because it is something I want...But 6 months??? Maybe I should buy the mono and later order the damier...I have never bought from eBay so I don't think I'm tempted by the idea..but thank you anyway..
  6. About the scratches EXTREMELY easily. You have to baby it an awful lot. It's quite expensive as well...
  7. I would love to SO one.
  8. I didn't know that about nomade...and I was thinking later to buy a nomade portes-document voyages...thank god I didn't...
    That's propably why it isn't the favorite of most people...
    But the's good isn't it...
    I've decided the mono and I'll decide later about the special order between epi and damier...the thing is that I prefer leather bags that canvas...
  9. Special order a Suhali speedy 40.

    My S.O. said he would love one, and he's not into bags.

    :tup: :yahoo: :woohoo: :wlae:
  10. Baggers hit a nerve here...suhali speedy 40 in verone...actually if it were suhali I would go with any size given...ahhhh
    someone hear my prayers...!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. hate to be the one to say it, but someone here a while ago mentioned that there are no so's on suhali or mc :o( but ask anyway...if they would do it it would be one awesome and beautiful speedy!!!! especially in verone *TDF*
  12. I would definitely go with the Damier or Epi. Both would look great! You should do it :yes: Even though it might take some time, it'll be worth it!
  13. Maybe if we all have a 'group wish' M.J. will hear us.

    Suhali would be georgeous (I agree the size of the speedy wouldn't matter)

    It would be so supple and beautiful in a speedy.

    :yahoo: :tup: :wlae::okay:
  14. stop it right now...we got some serious drooling going around here...I think I'll settle with the upcoming mono speedy...I have to put these ^^^ thoughts out of my mind...
    Thank you baggers for your opinion...
  15. i also luuuurrrve the mono speedy 40, so really, you can't go wrong with it as it is such a classic piece :o) be sure to post pics!