Should I? Shouldnt I?


White MC or Black MC

  1. Keep my White MC Zippy

  2. Swap to Black MC Zippy

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  1. Some of you may know that not long ago I have a hard time deciding bewteen a MC black, MC white or a damier Azur zippy.... I have finally made my decision and got the white MC today :tup:

    My lovely SA has also shown me the black MC while I was in the store... it is much more gorgeous IRL :drool: It is much nicer that what I have seen in photos!!! Now I am back home and thinking if I should exchange my white MC to the black MC :confused1:
  2. Exchange it if u really like it!
  3. If your thinking twice I agree exchange it. Black won't yellow like the white may.
  4. I love the look of all of the beautiful colors on the black. If you keep thinking about black, go back and get it.
  5. personally I like black MC in bags and white MC in small accesories
    but if black zippy is calling your name, go back and exchange it
    both are gorgeous....congrats on your new purchase!
  6. If you can't get the black out of your head you should exchange it. Otherwise you will regret it. Been there, done that! :noggin:
  7. I like white MC better! But of course if you can't stop thinking about the black then go and get it!
  8. I really like both colors but are so cute. sorry not much help.
  9. I have the black MC zippy and love it!! Exchange it if you're having second thoughts!
  10. I like the white but if black is what you like, exchange it! You don't wanna feel regret! ;)
  11. if the black is what you want, go for it! :smile:
  12. :wtf: will white yellow over time?? i never know that...
  13. Thank you so much for you guys... when i was looking at the photos, i thought white is much sharper... but when i see the black IRL, the colours on the black canvas is just stunning!! it probably because i was wearing a white jacket to the store and the black MC is just a great contrast =P
  14. I have had a White MC PTI wallet for quite some time now along with other White MC accessories as well and nothing has turned "yellow" to my attention.

    I personally think White MC is more classy and fresher looking ..... perfect for the summer.

    Although, don't get me wrong, Black MC is beautiful as well but seems more for the Fall/Winter time.

    Therefore, I'd say KEEP the White MC Zippy.
  15. Hi, I really like the black myself but the white is so cute too. You cant go wrong with black or white MC ;)