Should I shouldn't I?


Should I or shouldn't I?

  1. Khaki/Black Carly

  2. Chocolate Brown Carly

  3. Chelsea Wristlet and Mini Skinny in Mineral

  4. Nothing! Save your money for your doll!

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  1. So with the extension of the PCE, I've decided to go ahead and get something for myself. Perhaps the last thing for awhile since I am going on a self-imposed ban so I can save $$ for an Asian Ball Jointed Doll I've been wanting (these girls are exspensive -- why can't I ever have a CHEAP hobby?).

    I've narrowed it down to a few things:

    Carly in khaki/black (was originally going to do the large one but tried them both on today and decided I can do the smaller one).

    Carly in brown.

    Now keep in mind I'm a matchy/matchy sort of girl, so I have my khaki/ebony Legacy accessories that would work with the khaki/black Carly. I also have the khaki/ebony Legacy shoulder bag so I have a bag in this colorway already.

    If I did brown, I would have to get new accessories.

    Or I could be conservative, buy something else for my RAOK buddy (which I will probably do anyway) as well as the new Chelsea wristlet in mineral as well as the matching Mini Skinny. LOVE this color!!

    And do I really need another bag, seriously. I have so many. I rotate frequently, but you really only can carry one thing at a time. At least with the leather accessories I can switch from bag to bag (even to my LVs).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    And this is the doll I want:

  2. Kristan:

    Don't buy anything from Coach right now. Save for your doll, she is beautiful. Just carry your scrumptuous patent ergo hobo.

  3. the dolls are pretty but i would go with the Carly in chocolate (you never know....)
  4. Get your Coach fix by indulging in some Mineral accessories and start saving for one of those amazing dolls. I never knew anything like that existed. I enjoyed the link you provided. :yes:
  5. That doll is gorgeous!! Maybe get a Carly khaki/black? That way you can still save $$ for your pretty doll. Plus those accesories are new and will be around for a while...
  6. LOL! I know...and when you see one you like, they just speak to you! Did you look at some of the clothes and shoes? OMG! They have the most awesome boots you can get!
  7. Ok, so I voted for the Carly in Khaki/Black so it would match your collection (I'm trying to be practical here!)

    But, you should save for that doll

    And that doll does speak to me! She is beautiful! So detailed!
  8. my thoughts exactly!
  9. I went with save for the doll. You have the awesome patent after all.
  10. I voted for the mineral accessories since you already have a khaki/black bag (and I'm not too fond of the carly in that color) and it would cost you more to get the brown plus accessories. This way you can still scratch the Coach itch and save up for your doll.
  11. Those dolls are beautiful . I never saw anything like that before. Do you have other's in your collection?
    I'd love to see more pictures!
    Go check out the outlets, great stuff coming in and save the difference for your doll!;)
  12. I would save for the doll. There will always be Coach bags.
  13. I do have other dolls, just not in this style. Let me dig up some links for you. I primarily collect vinyl fashion dolls. Started with Barbie and moved onto the larger 15" dolls. (The doll I posted above is big, about 25" and also has an awesome joint system.)

    This is one of my fashion dolls called Violet at her tiki bar: (notice her very cool hand-beaded purse on the stool).

    These dolls have an entire storyline. Violet is a jazz singer from the 40's. The main doll in the line is Gene and she is an actress, and there is Trent the leading man, and Madra the *****y rival actress (who is older than Gene.) There's a pic of Gene and Trent in my pics on my MySpace page.

    The friend I visited in FL, designed this outfit for Gene and it was released as a 2004 special edition:


    We met at the 2nd Gene Convention in 1997 and have been friends ever since.

    We like to be dorky, here's Trent and Brenda Starr (like the comic book) out by his pool:

    At one time I dabbled in a French antique doll called Bleuette, I had a repro because I couldn't afford a "real" one and would be too scared to play with her:

    (She's posed out in my backyard next to our old fountain.)

    And last but not least, I also have several of Wendy Lawton's porcelain and wood dolls, my favorite being Sara, the Little Princess. I have collected all sorts of little things for her.

    Dolls are one of those things, like bags, I could talk about all day. I haven't been as active as I used to be...used to have a very active blog, but you know Coach and LV will do that to you!
  14. the doll is very pretty but those things FREAK me out!!

    Anywho, my vote is for the mineral!!
  15. you got a great doll collection :tup:
    I vote for the dolls..