Should I? shouldn't I? So confused... Help!

  1. Just got e-mail from Shoprapunzel re 25% sale today only. They have a dark gray Morning After Mini I have been eyeing for a while. However, the trouble is I already got the Martinee in the same color. I was planning to wait till the sample sale at the end of the year to get a MA mini. Should I just wait? But what if the I don't like any of the colors offered at the sample sale? I love my Martinee and the color is just beautiful and versatile. But should I get two bags with the same color? What would you do? :confused1:
  2. Do you absolutely love the Morning After only in dark gray? Or is there another color you love in it as well? I would only buy a variation of color if i truly loved the shape AND the color. Anytime else, I would wait.
  3. I probably won't buy two bags with the same style, same color but just different sizes. However, sample sales usually is with limited styles and quantity. Sometimes sample sales items are slight defected or in imperfect condition, and all sales are final. You might will not get what you want in the sample sales though. Do you have any other bags you like so to use the 25% discount coupon?
  4. I would wait too. Maybe you'll want a different style bag with the discount.
  5. I agree with the others. Or maybe you shold try a different neutral, at least slightly?
  6. I'd get the same bag in different colors but I don't know about different sizes. I guess it would depend on how big of a size difference. But yeah, unless you just have to have the mini, I'd wait and see if I could fine something in a different style/color at the sample sale (which would be way more than 25%) off.
  7. I would just wait. Something else that you love will pop up soon!