Should I, shouldn't I??? Medium Dylan Tote

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    Well, I have been contemplating the LP Medium Dylan Tote. As a wife, stay at home mother of 2 and an part-time Event Coordinator life is pretty busy and this back seems to be versatile enough for my life, especially with it having both a shoulder and messenger strap. I am thinking about the espresso color and I'm just wondering about everyone's experiance with this bag.

    Here are my reservations: is it still in style? I know that the edges are somewhat frayed, is it too casual? Please share your thoughts and opinions. This will also be my first LP handbag. Thank you!!!:smile:
  2. The bag is definitly in style, the leather is unbelievably soft and supply. The espresso color is such a nice deep, rich brown. Aster Alice is having 25% off right now and they have this bag!

    25% OFF
    on most regular price items.

    Use code '214' at checkout. Expires on 2/18/10

    Luna Boston has this purse too and they price match as well.
  3. Well if anything clinched my decision it was that discount code! Thank you for the tip and advice-- really appreciate it!!!:biggrin:
  4. You're welcome. The site was down for quite a few hours last night, that is probably why you didn't get more responses. The dylan zip tote provides a lot of organization and one of the ladies commented that it is a great mom bag. It doesn't have a messenger strap however. There is one on Bonanzle for $300 in teak, which is close to the color expresso. Let us know what you have coming and take a couple modeling pics!
  5. Sorry-- not the Dylan Zip Tote but the Dylan Medium Tote in Espresso. It's fine though-- still very excited about the deal I got because of what you recommended-- thank you again! I will definitely post pics when I get it Wednesday-- they upgraded my shipping for free!
  6. I think this is a perfect bag for your lifestyle. It looks fab while still being very practical and comfortable! I have it in 2 colors, teak and a fun purple! :graucho:
  7. How heavy is the LP Dylan Medium Tote?
  8. I've read about 3lbs., but I'll let you know when I get the bag on Wed.
  9. Of all the Dylans I would say the medium tote is the one I always come back to. I haVe it in azure and teak. Wish it came in hibiscus!
  10. I've been intrigued with this style for awhile. Never seen IRL though. I'm debating on the Spring 2010 Collection in Kelly green or Espresso brown. I generally wear alot of neutrals; black/grey/mushroom. I add the pop of color thru accessories; purse, cardigan or shoes. I was thinking the Kelly green would be better. Any thoughts?
  11. Kelly green for sure, it would be a nice pop and it is dark enough so it will not show dirt easily.
  12. Guys, I too am thinking of getting a Medium size Dylan Tote. What's the difference between the $415 dollar dylan medium tote and the $425 tote? One looks like it has one zip on the outside and a flap the $424 dollar one has two zippers on the outside but looks like it comes only on Black. Can you guys tell me which one is better?

    Now about the COLOR

    I'm debating on either the Kelly Green or the Cobalt. Please suggest me which color I should go for.

    Thank you.
  13. Cobalt gets my vote! Maybe I am biased b/c I just got a few Dylan Cobalt pieces..beautiful color!
  14. Can you pls post pics of your cobalt pieces? Thanks