should i ,,,,, should i not, pink baggy GM - HELP ME~!

  1. hi guys~!

    i have a few more hours to decide before i place an order on elux..... i bought blue le fab, stratus PM and mirror lockit in silver, all in last 3 mo or so.....

    i ended up return the neo speedy in pink and i don't have anything in this color! i was just told by my SA that demin will be going up in price...besides i can't find anything in this color at the LVs anymore....!

    please help me, do you love demin baggy GM?!!!

    and oh btw, i used to have baggy PM in pink....but not anymore!!!!
  2. Yes! It sounds like you miss your PM and you want something in that color so...sounds like you should get it!
  3. Well if you do miss it & want something in that colour then go for it but personally I don't like that bag, sorry.
  4. I think you should get her if you miss that colour...but...I like the PM, not the GM! ;)
  5. I have this bag in the pm and LOVE IT! its so easy to carry, works well with jean and lights t-shirts. Its perfect for summer :smile:

    here are few idea's of how easy the pink is too wear.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    more idea's but the neo
    [​IMG] but you get the idea
  6. ^^Wow...seeing it in all of those gorgeous modeling pics would certainly convince me. I think you should definitely get it!
  7. I noticed it on elux too, cause I want a denim baggy GM, which they didn't have. :sad: I tried it on the other day & loved it. I already have a pink neo speedy, & love the color. I would get it, & I'm seriously thinking about getting the blue.
  8. you should GET IT!! (enabler here :p)

  9. get it chie! it's GORGEOUS!!!
  10. thank you guys, you guys are all evil!!!! :devil: love u guys though!!:heart::heart:;).....i am thinking real hard.....hmmmmmm
  11. Chie,

    You sooooo need something in the Pink Denim. The Baggy GM will be easier to handle then the Neo. Get it! Get it! Get it! Quick, before the price goes up!!!
  12. Oh.....YES, by all means, get this bag while it's still available.....I hear it's the last season for the fuschia denim, and you will LOVE it !!!! Here's the one I got from elux last month......
  13. It is a cute bag in a gorgeous color, i say go for it before the increase!
  14. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    aaaaaaaaaaa~~~~ i can't decide!!! i know....BEFORE the price increase...!!!! so many bags that i don't need, so little time to decide....!
  15. AAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaah~ are you in love with yours?!!!!:heart::heart::heart: