should i...should i not...heeelllp!!!

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  1. i cant decide wether to get a large bianca chocolate or a large sasha chocolate. i already have a large bianca in black so i am not sure if its practical to get the same bag but just in a diff color. i am getting a good deal on both of the bags its just a matter of deciding on which one to get , i thought that since i already have a bianca i should get the sasha, however, i havent seen the sasha in real life and dont know how it would look on a 5'1 and 115lbs. frame. does anyone here have any modeling pics? any thoughts? heeeeellllp!!! thanks!!!:heart::smile:


  2. Get the Sasha. Variety is the spice of life!
  3. I agree with rachieface - go for the Sasha since you already have a Bianca. :yes: I like to keep my collection full of variety, plus I really like the look of the Sasha in that color.
  4. I agree. Get the Sasha since you have the Bianca.
  5. I agree with everyone...get the Sasha.
  6. thanks everyone! i know the sasha is nice...but i havent seen one in person. because of this, i have decided to hold of on the sasha and just get the bianca instead :yes:. i think i am getting a good deal on it - $350 brand new with tags and best of all its from a lovely tpf'er. what do you all think? at first i cant justify buying two of the same bag (since i already have bianca in black) but then i thought - if balenciaga fanatics can buy multiple bags in diff colors but the same style...why can't i do it with botkier bags :biggrin:. besides, i heard botkier has discontinued this syle and would be hard to find. i know this bec, i had a hard time tracking down a black large in bianca and was very fortunate to have found one.
  7. ^Kath, you may want to check out the botkier website, she has lots of new Biancas in lovely colors :smile:
  8. ^yeah, the hot pink bianca looks yummy! but i wish it came in the larger size. :yes:
  9. you should get
    diffnt bag that bet boring to have same bag with diffnt color ...well i just had my new louivuitto bag yesterday n my boyfriend try to convents me to get two but deffnt color n i said nooooo...try to test different product...
  10. I say go for the one you love the most...You dont want to regret not getting it in the end