Should I ship to this international seller?

  1. I just sold my wonderful Kooba Ginger bag online.

    My shipping said that I would only ship to the United States, (I've only sold a few things online) but I had a girl from Germany message me before the auction and ask if she could bid, she was in Germany.

    I said that I would ship to her if she had a confirmed PayPal account (I didn't realize you couldn't confirm a PayPal address in Germany) and that if she would pay for the additional shipping costs (And I listed all the options, and she said she would pay for the Global Express 4-5 day).

    She paid promptly, and then the listing said that her address was unconfirmed.

    Well, since she is in Germany, there is no way to confirm her address. She sent me this email :

    now I´m really happy because I can get this great bag. I payed with PayPal. I received the e-mail from PayPal that the payment is done. The e-mail tells me, that my "adress status" ist

    germany: confirmed
    USA: not confirmed

    I called Pay Pal for help, because I always have the status "confirmed". Pay Pal told me, that I have a confirmed adress for germany because I am living in germany, but the adress can´t be confirmed for you, because it is not a United-States-adress.

    I am really really sorry, I didn´t know, that german adresses are a problem for being confirmed in the USA. I am so sorry, that there are so much problems with my wish to get this great bag.

    Please tell me, if I can do anything, I really want this bag. The payment is done. When I read your e-mail that you are only shipping to confirmed adresses I looked at PayPal and my status tells me: confirmed.

    It is the only adress (I have given it to eBay and PayPal): XXXXXXXXXX

    I didn´t know that that´s not the way for a payment to the United States. (I am sorry for my bad english, I hope you can understand it)

    I am sorry because I make so much problems for you, please answer me.

    Is there a safer way for her to pay me? Should I refund her money? I don't want to be without the seller protection since I would be shipping to Germany.

    Any experience with this? I do honestly believe that she is very honest, and she was willing to go above and beyond to pay for the rather costly Global Express. I plan on putting insurance, signature and delivery confirm, on this, but as I can tell, that does not satisfy PayPal claims since it is not a confirmed address.

    Thank you so much.
  2. Hi

    In the end the decision is with you. I know the German postal service is quite a strict one (my daughter was at Uni there). You should be able to get a signature service.

    If the buyers native tongue is German, she has excellent English, and is obviously able to express to you her own concerns appropriately in a very professional manner. In fact, better than many of us that speak English!

    If there is an email address that you can get from the buyer, there are ways that you can possibly check and get a postal address quite easily. If you want any help with this let me know, and I will gladly help you.

    Hope you get sorted. So frustrating for both of you.

    Good Luck.
  3. Well correct, I sent her an email immediately after receiving her payment, stating that I noticed that her account was a Non-Us Verified account, but she had an unconfirmed shipping address.

    She immediately sent me the above email asking how else she might be able to pay so that I would ship it to her. I'm just wary - my experiences with eBay have been lukewarm at best.

    Is there another way that she could send me the money? I could refund her through Paypal? Is there something that is safer?
  4. Someone told me that I should maybe use ASX as a payment option? Has anyone else used that? It doesn't seem to be very user friendly (I suppose it confuses me).

    Thank you.
  5. Well, here is my input:

    I am german, sitting in Germany (but have my paypal acc from UK bec I work/live there also - here on maternity leave for time being) so it may be different.

    Why would paypal not support a claim? Do you mean if something with shipping went wrong and the buyer would complain?

    I have received MANY parcels from US since I am here (Too many some might say..haha) and haven't had a problem but then this is different of course with address confirmation. As for the postal service, yes they are strict, they really do get a signature for you or else you have to collect it in person from the counter (with ID).

    Don't know anything about these payment options so can't help you there. Maybe an international bankers' draft? she may go for it but it will cost her fees plus you should charge some on top for getting it cashed (between $10 and $20) - so she may not want to go for it.

    Oh finally, she may be listed in the phone book (not necessarily though) - don't know whether that gives you peace of mind but you could check it out.

    Das Telefonbuch - Online Telefonauskunft - Inverssuche - Routenplaner - Alles in einem. - they have an english option. hope any of this helps.

    BTW I agree that her letter is lovely and nice, but better safe than sorry I guess...
  6. i think she seems like a good buyer, and i think you don't have to worry.

    but, if you're still not sure, maybe you can ask her to cancel the paypal payment and have her paid through western union or wire transfer (very safe on your side, but higher fees on her)
  7. Doesn't eBay discourage wire transfer and Western Union type things? Plus, I have no idea how those things work.

    How much more would it cost for her to do it through one of those companies?

    (Sorry, I feel so newb-ish about some of this stuff...)
  8. She is listed in the phone book, and the address listed is the one that she gave me.

    According to the Paypal SPP, if I don't ship to a confirmed address, I am not protected if they file a INR claim.

    PayPal will automatically side in their favor because I cannot claim the tracking, since USPS tracking doesn't really track after it leaves the country.
  9. She does sound like an honest buyer with great interest in having your bag. If she has good feedback on ebay, I wouldn't worry and just send her the bag.

    Besides Canada and England, International addresses can NOT be confirmed by payal. That means if you sell to anyone who does not reside in USA, Canada or England, you can not be protected under seller protection.

    However, my experience has always been that some of my international buyers are my best customers and I would much rather sell to them without protection than any random Joe in USA. Especially those from Japan and Germany. Those two countries seem to have honest and polite average citizens.

    I really advise you use your own judgement. Usually you can trust your instinct after exchanging a few messages with a buyer.
  10. Hm...well, it's hard to trust my judgment when the last few purchases have been...well....depressing.

    I would like to send to her, although the cost of shipping/the fees for converting the funds/and the Ebay fees are extraordinary.

    The only things that I do know is that she is a relatively new buyer....I think her account was started in Dec. so it's only been open about three months. But then again, we all have to start somewhere. She only has one feedback, and that was for another expensive purse, this one from Great Britian. (Hm. This makes me think. I wonder how the other seller shipped to her.)

    Would it be wrong for me to ask the seller?

    I appreciate greatly the feedback that I have received on the forum. You are a lifesaver!
  11. I think since she's already paid, you should ship it to her with a service that requires signature confirmation. You may have to spend a little more for shipping, but maybe you could ask her to pay for that as well. As long as you've received the cleared funds, I don't see any reason why you wouldn't want to make an exception unless she bids on tons of your items. Good luck!
  12. I dont see any problem with contacting the seller & asking if she had any problems with her which I presume that she didnt as there is good feedback but it would ease your mind to hear this.
  13. I have shipped high end bags to Germany with no problems...she paid promptly and certainly seems honest. It doesnt' sound like she would go to all this trouble as a scam...way too difficult for her. If I were you I would thank her for paying quicklly and ship her...but you do have an out since you said US buyers only and paypal confirmed address.
  14. Hats,

    hmm, she has low feedback.

    Well then this is the way I'd go about it. I would send her an email and openly tell her that I think she's an honest buyer and we all have to start somewhere, but also that I am concerned because she has low feedback and lives in a country where paypal offers no protection. Tell her that you still will go through with the sale, if she sends the money to you in an international money order (or bank transfer) instead.

    Refund her paypal money.

    This way you are relatively riskfree, and if she really wants the bag (sounds like she does), she will go through the trouble. After all, she's new and has to prove herself.
  15. Like I said, I am very nervous about the transaction, and perhaps I am getting too upset over something like this. She did agree ahead of time to pay a larger shipping fee in order to get it, as well as taking the initiative to talk to me BEFORE bidding.

    I just don't know. There was another bidder, US, that bid only $5 less than the purse sold for, so I can't decide if I should do the Second Chance or not.

    And since I didn't know how to proceed with the unconfirmed Germany address, I refunded the PayPal payment because, as I told her, I didn't think that it was fair to hold on to her money while I "decided."