Should I ship to Singapore?

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  1. I am selling a couple of my Coach things on eBay and had a question from a person in Singapore and they wanted to know how much it would be to ship there with tracking and insurance.

    Does anyone know about how much it would be from the US? Is there any way I can tell?

    And should I ship overseas or just stick to the USA?


    And it's a purse...that I'd be shipping.
  2. I ship to Singapore, if you weigh the package and then check the USPS site it will give you all the info you need
  3. Yeah I'd have to go somewhere to weigh it. I don't even know what box I'm using yet.

    I just told them that I will charge them the $10.95 like I do the USA and if it come out to be more than I just ask them to pay the difference. Or less I'll pay them.

    Does that seem fair?
  4. I have a feeling it will cost at least $20.

    I think that's fair, in my experience dealing with buyers in Singapore has always been a very pleasant and easy transaction
  5. Make sure you send it via USPS Express Mail which comes with a tracking (that is the only trackable way via USPS for international shipping). You could also try DHL, Fedex or UPS. Just make sure you have some kind of tracking/proof of delivery for international purchases as the buyer can just claim that she never received and Paypal will require you to provide proof of delivery. In my experience shipping to Singapore for a medium sized bag can range between $20-30. Good luck !
  6. I don't ship to Singapore because I've had a few parcels go "missing" lol
  7. I guessed it would weigh about 4 LBS? I'm not sure. But I will have them pay the $10.95 and if it ends up to be more they said they will pay the rest. If they are the winning buyer.
  8. I'm not too good with weights and guessing. LOL
  9. Shipping to Singapore using USPS Express Mail International costs around USD25-30 for a medium-sized bag. This is fully tracked all the way and delivered by courier with signature confirmation. I have never had any shipment go missing using this method. I would charge the buyer USD30, which would cover your cost of postage plus packing materials, etc.

    I think USPS is better than Royal Mail? ;)
  10. I have shipped to Singapore many times and never had a problem. They don't get held up in customs either, every time they have only taken 4-5 days to be delivered.
  11. most bags in a box will weigh about 2 lbs (unless it's a heavy or big bag or a heavy-duty box), so charge $30 if you're going to use Express Mail. Check out for the rates for different methods of shipping.

    It might be better/faster/easier that you charge more first (eg. $30) then do a partial refund if the shipping fee turns out to be less. JMO
  12. I just shipped a box (a pair of shoes) via Global Priority to China and it costs $25! Global Express will be A LOT more. Again, only USPS Global Express provideS tracking and insurance.

    If it were me, I will put the bag in a box and go to the post office and ask for an estimate. You sure don't want to loose money from shipping.
  13. Thanks I told them that i'd say about $28 to be fair and if it is less I will refund them the difference.
  14. Singapore is nowhere near China. In my experience (more than 20 times), Global Express is less than USD30 unless the bag is extra heavy, e.g. Chloe Paddington.