should i ship to malaysia?

  1. Or is that weird???
  2. Why would it be weird?
    Im in the UK and I have shipped to places like Singapore,Australia, the USA and Malta without any problems.
    As long as you send the bag recorded delivery with the correct insurance you should be fine.
    Make sure you check the buyers feedback too and tell them that you arent responsible for any customs charges that they might recieve.
    Then you have covered all the angles. :yes:
  3. hmm alright THANKS!
  4. Sorry but I would advise against it. I've been scammed twice by people buying my item, me shipping to Malaysia, buyer filing charges saying they never received it, and me giving them money back and NOT receiving my merchandise back. NO!!! Run far away!!!
  5. Halzer....your advatar is scary!!!! :wtf: :p
  6. I shipped to Malaysia once, the package was "lost", I never got the item back and I was out the money as well. Never again will I make that mistake!
  7. I am from Singapore, and have bought 3 LV items from eBay.

    Thankfully, the sellers were okie with shipping the item to me despite cases of fraud in Asia.

  8. I've shipped to many countries in the world, using first class mail. Shipping usually takes 1 week. However, my shipments to Malaysia took longer (2-3 weeks), and my shipments to Italy took the longest (2-8 weeks).
    I probably would not ship an expensive bag to those 2 countries unless it is express mail guaranteed.
  9. If you ship to Malaysia, I would strongly encourage you to ship via USPS Express Mail International. This provides the best security. $100 worth of insurance is included, but this can be topped up to the value of the bag at minimal additional cost. I work in Saudi Arabia and this is not the best country when it comes to reliability of mail. However, I've received at least 10 bags via USPS EMI without any problems whatsoever. I'm grateful to those sellers who have agreed to ship to me, a big THANK YOU!
  10. It's ok to ship to Malay :smile: I've shipped there 3-5 times even one of my Malay buyer become my reguler but make sure you use EMS or USPS Global express with tracking number.
  11. i wouldn' just never know who or how the buyer could be...just because some have gotten lucky doesn't mean it's 100% safe for everyone else. i've heard of many scams from malaysia...
  12. I know lots of sellers are going to shake their heads at me for this but I just don't ship outside the US period. I'm fine with bringing in a lower selling price if it means that I don't have to stress so much over the package getting to the buyer, whether or not they'll accept customs fees, fraud, etc. I do offer to ship to a US address of the buyer's choosing (never had problems with this) though it's usually unverified.
  13. I would definitely not do it...too risky for many reasons. AFter many problems I now only ship domestically (US), not even to Canada (sorry)
  14. I would only ship if buyer pays via wire transfer. No Paypal accepted for shipment outside of US, UK and Canada.
    IF that bag gets 'lost' or claimed 'not received' you are out the bag and the $$$. Not worth the hassle. If buyer really wants the bag badly, they can pay via wire.
    Good luck!