Should I ship to a buyer who isn't answering my e-mails??

  1. I sold a pair of shoes on eBay...didn't think it was gonna sell but someone bid on it last minute and immediately paid..i went ahead and accepted her paypal and emailed her saying that after it clears (3-5 days) i will go ahead and ship has been about 2 days since my auction ended and she still hasn't emailed me back...should i go ahead and ship it w/ the insurance/tracking that she paid for as soon as it clears or should i still try to contact her??? these are an expensive pair of shoes and its actually my first time shipping something really expensive over eBay (someone i dont know..) ...what do you all think i should do?

    also...the reason why im asking is b/c im scared of those paypal chargeback things..she didn't do a Buy it now....just regular bid....but i dont wanna ship out the item and see on my paypal that its' negative or just any other thing that could go wrong....
  2. Maybe they did not think the email needed a response, as it seems you were just letting her know you got the payment and when it would ship.
  3. is there something specific i should say in the e-mail?
  4. I don't really think you need to contact her. Just wait until the payment clears, and then make sure to ship to a confirmed address and use insurance and signature confirmation if it is over $250.
  5. Did she use e-check? Is that why it needs to clear? If she used e-check, then you don't need to worry about chargebacks. Just make sure it clears before you ship.
  6. okay! thanks for your replies!! i hope that this will be a smooth transaction..she actually didn't use an e-check...just through paypal....i dont even know what an echeck is lol
  7. If she paid through paypal, you shouldn't wait to ship. There is no "clearing" unless it's paid by echeck. The money is in your paypal account. I would not be happy if I was the buyer that you are waiting to ship until the money clears into your bank account. It is not appropriate IMO.
  8. If it's an ordinary PayPal payment, I always try to ship the same day I receive the payment. I would get those shoes in the mail asap.
  9. If you want total peace of mind, ship them with delivery confirmation. That way you have a tracking number and it only costs 60 cents at the post office (or it's free if you print the shipping label from your computer at home).

    I always ship with DC, even if the item is only $10. Buyers like the ability to track and it also lets you know exactly when it gets to its destination.
  10. If she paid then I would send it
  11. Most of the time, my buyers never respond to my emails. Just wait for the check to clear and then send her the item. It just seems like a normal transaction to me at this point. Good luck!
  12. I sell many expensive items on eBay and many of the transaction have no dialog between the seller and I. When I see that an item has sold and been paid for and everything is legit (confirmed address, etc.) I ship the bag. I make sure that the buyer gets an email with tracking (shipping companies have a place to put in the recipient's email).
  13. thank you everyone for your replies...even though it didn't clear through my bank yet...i went ahead and shipped it...

    thanks again!
  14. ^ You did the right thing, I'm sure you buyer will be very happy :smile:
  15. I always put a little note in the field on the payment screen, "I'm so excited to win this item, thank you for the opportunity. I'll notify you when it arrives & will do your feedback then.
    Thank you again!"

    Why is it so hard for people to drop a little note- I just don't get people sometimes....