Should I ship the MJ bag to her for a 3rd time?

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  1. Here is the story: I sold a white MJ pan am bag and a navy one. I screwed up and sent the navy one to the white bag winner and the white bag to the navy bag winner.

    White bag winner received the navy bag and decided she would just keep it. okay.

    Navy bag winner received the white bag and decided she did not want it. So, I had another navy bag I used once and refunded her some $ and sent her my navy bag. She sent the white bag back to me. okay.

    Now, I get the white bag back. okay
    But, I also get the navy bag back. not okay. This is the one I sent her b/c she wanted it and it comes back "refused, return to sender"

    She says that she never received the navy bag and never refused the package.

    Now she wants to give me $5 and for me to ship the blue one to her again. (shipping to her was $11.50).

    Question: How do I handle this situation? The first mishap was my own fault and I have accepted that. But why would the correct bag get refused, return to sender? Should I ask her for actual shipping cost? Or, does it sound like she is playing games?
  2. How did you send the bag? Was it within the US? Did you use some sort of tracking, like priority mail with delivery or signature confirmation?
  3. It was via USPS priority mail.

    It's not a question of a missing bag just wondering should I send it to her again? It's $11.50 each time I ship it to her.
  4. Hi smooches,
    When the note says "refused, return to sender" could you confirm it (any signature or handwriting) from UPS or USPS or other carrier?
    If there is no proof, it is really difficult. On top of it, your buyer says she didnot refuse it.
    So, I think it is a good gesture if you send it again to your buyer although it will cost you more shipping.
    Don't feel to bad ok .

    Cheeers :smile:
  5. If the package was refused, there should be a note on it from the postage service. (I'm not familiar with the US system as I'm in the UK).

    You may be able to tell from that whether it was delivered to her or whether they were unable to deliver it for some reason and that is why it has been sent back.

    If she is willing to send you $5 - can you send the bag for that much.
  6. The difference is just a few bucks I'd just send it to her and get it over with. Make her happy so she might become a returning customer.
  7. I think I'd just send it to her too, get it over with.
  8. i'd send it to her too. you sold her a bag and then told her she could have another one. even though you did refund her some money technically she still bought a bag and got another one. i think in good faith you should eat the other 6 dollars and send it to her. it seems like she's been pretty understanding thus far.
  9. I think I'd resend it too, but let her know that you're requiring a signature confirmation to protect both of you.
  10. I have returned to sender and refused a package right there in the post office and they didn't require me to sign for it, so I dont think there is a way to track who refused it.
  11. I'd send it, but agree that it's a good ideas to have some form of delivery/signature confirmation this time around.

    It's only a few dollars, and probably isn't worth the hassle of your other alternatives.
  12. Confirm her address including phone no before you send it again to her and maybe require signature upon delivery or deliverey confirmation.
  13. I think it would be easier to send her the bag and just swallow the extra cost - def get signature confirmation though:smile:
  14. Just a thought, but you have doublechecked her address haven't you? I once had a to-and-fro with a bag sent to a buyer absolutely believing I had sent it to the address she gave me only to discover she lived at NAME Avenue not NAME Street :shame:. Obviously the person at the incorrect address was refusing the parcel. Something so obvious, but so important nearly got me into hot water!
  15. Okay, I guess I will send it to her again. Sigh, at this point I am losing money on this sale but from reading posts on this forum, this is what happens some times and you have to suck it up.