Should I ship my Gucci to Singapore?

  1. Help ladies!

    I have a Gucci bag listed on eBay. A potential buyer has asked me for the serial number of the bag and wants to know if I would ship to Singapore. What do yall think? Im a little fearful and why would they want the serial number?
  2. I'm sure the experts on the board will have other opinions but seeing the serial number helps determine the authenticity of the bag. Forgive my skepticism, but I saw your posts on the Gucci web deals and all of them only had one picture posted. There's just no way to tell whether they're for real.

    BTW, if that was your own auction that you posted on that board, TPF has rules against that.
  3. Have you checked their feedback? If they have decent fb, have a long history with eBay, it should be ok.

    I would warn you however that you are not covered under paypal protection policy unless you are shipping to a confirmed address. Only the US and certain Canadian and UK addresses are eligible. Singapore is not.

    To ship to Singapore, only accept Postal money orders to avoid any false claims of non-receipt by Paypal. Send the item with tracking via USPS global express so that you can give a status update of your item in case the item is held up in customs. Let the buyer know that the cost of the item does not include any customs fees incurred.

    If for now you are only trying to sell within the US and are just making an exception in this case, try changing your personal settings in eBay to block bidders with a non-US ship to address. If you do want to make an exception, there is an exemption block list on Ebay you can add the International bidder's name to.

    Also, in Paypal under "payment receiving preferences" you can block non-US payments as well. This is to ensure they don't "accidentally" pay you with paypal.

    Sorry for the novel! Good luck with your transaction!
  4. Thanks Lorenzo!
    Most helpful!
  5. Singapore has a lot of designer-obsessed people living there so it's understandable that a Singaporean would want your Gucci. Why not specify that you will only accept money transfer to unconfirmed addresses? That way it's up to them to accept this term if they want to bid.