Should I send the receipt?

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  1. I am thinking about selling my LV Speedy on Ebay (although I am terrified by all the scammers out there). Anyways, I was thinking of sending the original receipt with the bag to insure bidders it is authentic. Would this be a bad idea? Should I just include the picture in the auction and not send it? Also will a security tag help me for with the switch/bait scam? I just don't know which way is the best way to do it. Thanks!
  2. Yes to the security tag.

    No to sending the receipt. Suppose the buyer later returned the bag, ut not the receipt..? Offer a copy of the receipt w/ your personal info blacked out.
  3. You can send a photocopy of the receipt with any personal info xxxx out with a black sharpie. I would keep the original in case you have any issues.

    Remember to take a ton of photos of the bag and you packing up/mailing the bag. Security tags and placing a small identifying mark on a hidden spot of the bag are other great ideas.
  4. ^^ All great advice.
  5. Really, receipts mean nothing, i wouldn't bother, but if you do, like mentioned above, send a copy and black out your details.
  6. DON'T EVER SEND AWAY YOUR RECEIPT!! what if they say it's fake? then you won't have your receipt to support you, even if you have a picture of your receipt with the bag, they'll say you stole that picture of the receipt! so heed their advice--just say no.
  7. I always send my receipts, but I do cut out my personal info. I generally leave my first name in place so they can see it really was my purchase. I keep the copy for myself. Been doing this since 2001 and never a problem.
  8. A lot of sharp close-ups speak more than a receipt. If you mentioned "receipt" in the listing, buyers think it comes with the bag. It's up to you. Just always keep original.
    Good luck with your selling!
  9. No to sending receipt. Once it's out of your control it could be used by someone to sell a fake.

    You could send a photocopy on a regular-sized sheet of paper, with personal info marked out.
  10. Also no to sending receipt because if the item gets lost, you might need the receipt to file your insurance claim.
  11. Thanks all. I had thought of one of those (using the receipt to sell a fake in the future) but some of that I didn't even think of, I'll blame it on pregnant brain:P.
  12. Would not send the original receipt.. maybe a photocopy with all your info blocked

    out.. if the buyer should return the bag.. there is usually an excuse as to why

    the original receipt wan't enclosed in the package..
  13. In addition to what the ladies have already typed, you can mention that if there are any doubts to the authenticity of your bag, have the bidders authenticate the bag here on TPF.