Should I send the fake back before I get my refund?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I recently received a fake ysl bag from a seller. Knew it was fake the moment I opened the box. The kind folks at the ysl thread has also confirmed that the serial# found in the bag does not match the real bag.

    But before it was authenticated here, I contacted the seller and offered to bring down to ysl to have them take a look since she insisted its real. But now since I am very sure about it being fake, I dont wish to embarrass myself bringing in a fake bag.

    Now she is saying that our agreement is that I bring it to YSL and that she will require a letter from them saying the bag is fake. Thereafter, I have to send back the bag before she can issue me a refund.

    Should I really do as she says? Do I send back the bag to her first?
  2. Have you opened a dispute using PayPal if that is how you paid yet?

    The thing about getting things authenticated at a store (at least for Gucci and Coach) is they refuse to comment. You can only have the bag sent off and your seller probably knows this if the YSl policy is anything like the other boutiques.

    I would contact PayPal and they will likely require the proof from the seller to show authenticity. Also have you thought about CarolDIva that others here have mentioned?

    Sorry I can't be more helpful, but I wouldn't do anything until you file the Paypal dispute.
  3. NO! Don't send the bag back until you get your $$$.
  4. You need to file a "not as described" claim with paypal first so that you're covered. And yes, do NOT send the bag back until eBay/Paypal tells you to do so. I've heard of instances where they ask you to send the bag to them. If you don't have the bag, you don't have the proof that it's fake.
  5. ^^^ Sorry but you are both wrong, once the chargeback is filed with Paypal they will require that the buyer returns the bag to the seller before agreeing to release the refund. Please make sure the item is sent back with signature confirmation and tracking so that Paypal can see it was delivered and once it's updated to show receipt they'll refund
  6. Open a dispute with paypal before you send the bag back, if you send it before you open a dispute anything can happen in the sellers favor because their is no proof. I am going through this right now with a fake LV I had to open a claim with paypal because the seller is not responding.
  7. Either way, don't send it back UNTIL PayPal tells you to, then you will have to do it with signature confirmation. Don't just take the seller's word.
  8. If the seller is shady enough to sell a fake, they're shady enough to lie through their teeth and say they didn't receive it, etc. Protect yourself and send it with delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, insurance, etc. You can never be too safe. That $15 or so out of pocket to send it is worth the piece of mind.
  9. Not in all cases. Perhaps they have changed their policy, but a few years ago I purchased a fake LV and I did not have to return it to the seller after I filed my paypal claim and my chargeback with Amex.
  10. I agree, that not in all cases do you have to return a fake to the seller. My friend just went through this (within last 30 days) and originally Paypal asked her to send the counterfeit bag back to the seller. This was after my friend paid Carol Diva to authenticate it as a fake and faxed that letter to Paypal. After I got on the line with them and told them that it was trafficking in counterfeit goods they changed their tune.

    The people handling these buyer disputes are just slapping whatever form responses they can together and not paying attention. I would fight having to return a counterfeit bag to a seller. So long as you have a letter saying it is a fake from a valid source, my guess is they will ask you to send it to their Texas location instead.
  11. Hi there,

    I never filed a dispute with paypal as I hope to settle this with the seller without blowing it up. I had offered to send the bag back to her, with tracking, provided that she made a refund first.
    Here is her reply to me:

    I will follow through with the refund through Paypal. Paypal will hold funds...meaning you or I won't have access until I receive the confirmation of the bag. Again, I will give you the address with a c/o since I will not be able to pick it up from the post office.

    May I ask, what does she mean? I dont want to assume anymore. If I send her item with tracking, that will mean confirmation right? Since the money is on hold, does it mean that its mine now and she cant withdraw? What might be the consequences of sending her bag to a c/o address?

    Thanks so much everyone.

  12. Another question. Once, another seller made a refund to me direct to my credit card that was linked to paypal. How did he do that? Can I request for this seller to do the same? I dont want my funds to be in paypal.
  13. If you paid with credit card and a refund is issued, it will automatically go back to your card.
  14. Thanks emald37,
    I went to check on my paypal. The amount she issued was marked as 'payment' and not as a refund. Should I tell her to do it as a refund?
  15. I am not sure what she means. If you did not file a dispute with Paypal, then I do not think they are holding any funds. I think you need to send back to her Paypal address. It may be best to at least open a dispute even if you do not want to escalate to a claim yet.