Should I send original receipt with bag?

  1. I just had a potential bidder tell me that they would bid only if I were to send the original receipt with the bag. I think that I can understand why they would want the original receipt since sooo many people fake receipts on eBay nowadays. What do you think? Is there any danger with me sending the original receipt? :shrugs:
  2. Any way to send a gift receipt? That's what I would do, I know I sure have apprecaited it when sellers have sent along gift receipts with my items.

  3. I wouldn't send the original.... after reading what can happen on all these threads here, I know that having the original receipt in your posession can make the difference in ending a claim.
  4. I would send a copy of the original receipt, not the original.
  5. Really?? Darn it, I think that I jumped the gun and told the potential buyer that I didn't have a problem sending the original. Now, as far as claims go........I bought the bag from a Prada Boutique which has all of my purchase records. Wouldn't that be sufficient for any claims that the buyer might file? :push:
  6. That is what I usually do, but I can kind of understand why someone would prefer the original with all of the fake receipts on eBay. If I black out all personal info on the receipt, do you think that it would be ok to send the original. Like I said in the last post, Prada and my SA have all of my purchasing records if any claims are filed after the close of auction. I think that I goofed by telling him that I would send the original (I even posted that answer on my auction...............stupid me:push:smile:
  7. I think if they could recreate a receipt for you that would be fabulous! Maybe offer up a certified copy? JUST IN CASE.
  8. Why not send them the original and keep a copy for yourself?
  9. I've sent an original receipt with the last Gucci purchase. I had 2. One was given to me at the pre-sale, and one when I picked it up. If I had only one, I would have sent a copy only.
  10. I think you shoudl be okay, just black out the personal info, make yourself a copy before you send it out. Just make sure you can get a proof of purchase from your SA. Makw sure you send the bag Insured with signature confirmation and if you have any, the security tag.
    Good luck!
  11. send a copy, especially if your credit card number is on there along with your name
  12. I would see if you can get a duplicate copy at the boutique, blank out your personal information and send that.
  13. If you are going to send the original receipt you should first confirm and obtain a copy of receipt from the SA. Then, before mailing the bag take photo's / copies (if possible) of all tags attatched (i.e. all tags attatched to bag will match those on the receipt - just in case buyer attempts to file some sort of crazy claim). Email the seller and make them aware that you have gone to the boutique and obtained another copy of the receipt that way the seller can't say that 'she holds the golden ticket' know what i mean?? Lastly, put a security tag on the bag. You can never be to careful IMO. Good Luck and hopefully you won't be posting a horror story about this transaction.
  14. I would send the original ONLY if you can get another copy from the store...otherwise I would send the buyer a copy.
  15. Always keep the original!
    I agree, you just never know what some buyers might do!
    Miu2, what does the bidders feedback look like?